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the 90's belongs to someone else now
this account offers wanda's old demo songs from their 2002-03 recording sessions. redirect to myspace.com/wandaph for the 2006-07 records.
Band/artist history
a thinline between jpop and britpop, afroasian and electrojazz, between blur and oasis, between fog and smoke, between fuzz and ring. a bloodtrail from los angeles to manila. if you wake up in a stupor and confusion, that's it, that's them. don't rub your eyes. that's the state of mind they are putting upon you.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
ofcourse. whenever raius is in manila, yes, we do.
Your musical influences
blur, phantom planet, beatles, judy and mary
What equipment do you use?
jem: Epiphone Firebird, Epiphone Archtop Dot, Squier 51, BBE optic stomp, EH double muff, RAT vintage overdrive, MXR 6-band equalizer, MXR phase 90, BCB-60 pedal board. markus: Fender Standard Precision Bass, EH big muff, Digitech Synth Wah Bass, Boss bass equalizer, Rockton Hush pedal, MXR Dyna compressor. uro: Squier Butterscoth Telecaster, Fender Japanese JagMaster, Squier Hazelnut Special Telecaster, Boss compressor, Boston metal pedal, Dod mini chorus, DOD vintage chorus, Jim Dunlop tremolo, RAT2 pedal, Boss noise supressor, Dod stereo phaser, DOD vibrato, EH Holy Grail, Cry Baby Wah, Boss delay, Boss flanger. raius: microkorg synth, korg electribe smkII, 15"x12" 1967 Ludwig marching snare, 10" Sonor side snare, Maya japanese drumkit, new beat hi hats, 20" A custom ping ride, 18" A custom projection crach, 18" A custom fast crash, 16" han-chi china, 14" zildjian oriental china trash, 16" sabian AAX fast crash.
Anything else?
raius ramos: drums, vocals, keys uro garcia: guitars, backing vocals jem ramos: vocals, guitars markus abat: bass songs (r. ramos/u. garcia/j. ramos/m. abat) music (r. ramos/u. garcia/j. ramos/m. abat) song credits: recorded by ramos raius at eleven, tandang sora, quezon city (c)(p) feb 2003 P.O.L.A. corps soundclickpages credits: all texts and photos by: raius ramos except "miss" header text by: uro garcia lyrics reprinted with kind permission
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