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We are a progressive/pop/rock group with many roots and influences, diverse and interesting musical tastes. Our music is exciting, reflective, bright, moody, da
Pagasys calls the Great Pacific Northwest home. We are currently beginning to write new material together and should be debuting our new songs and line-up in August of 2005. Perhaps we may make a cameo appearance at an open mic such as at the Experience Music Project on a Sunday evening before then, or the infamous Blue Moon in Seattle's University District...
Band/artist history
I'm Jian Lakerson and I play guitars for "Pagasys." It began in December 2001 with conversations and our first rehersal in January 2002. Over the following months Drummer Dave Akrish and Bassist Teah Fischer (now Akrish) and I recruited Jeff Fried on Keyboards as we prepared to make our debut in Seattle. We realized that what we were doing would be better with a lead singer and so began that grueling process of auditions. Several good candidates came and went, with not one being able to stay for various personal reasons. So we plodded onward setting the date for our first show in April and covering the vocals between us. Since October of 2002 there have been several personel changes with Don Page on guitar and vocals, Tom Wall (now with Warriors Path and the Tommy Wall Band) on bass, Bob Klempan on drums, and Randy Blakely (with Skinny Ties) on keyboards. These sessions went alright however, we were separated by a great deal of geographical distance with too many diverging schedules. This led to a slow dissoution leaving me to reform the band at a later date after playing guitar with some other local groups, waiting for time and tide to bring the right people for the next group. The idea was to begin as a band who played arrangements of cover songs mainly by prog bands from the 70's with some newer stuff, that would spring board us into original material. Good so far, except that although we could write together to some degree, there were problems and we had no one to help sort that out. It is quite a good thing to have someone with an objective head to keep things from getting swampy. Since then, and our performances as a 4, and 3 piece group, we have gone on with the name, concept, and some songs. I have written & recorded this single "Cry Your Heart Out," and have recently been participant and producer of a benefit CD for victims of domectic violence, "the war in our backyard" presented by Northwest Artists Against Domestic Violence. "Cry Your Heart Out" was written and recorded for that CD, with Tim Kelliher on drums, which will be available soon. And the song is available as a single for those who might like it in that form. The CD release show is scheduled for October 27th at Doc Maynards in Seattle (see tours link). The new line-up is getting on well, we have Rob Benson on keyboards, Dan Dyer on bass, Lowell Ausmus on drums. Now that the show is behind us and Dan Dyer has gone on to other projects, the remaining 3 of us decided to continue on as a group and seek out another bassist and a lead singer. Recently we have welcomed Dan Miller in on Bass, Chase Collum on Lead Vox and Amy Tappe on Keyboards, with an intense rehearsal schedule we plan on dates beginning in October to perform a new concept CD and show. Eschewing cover tunes we are bringing our own writing out of the closet and putting together material representative of us all. See you soon I hope. Welcome to 2005! and Welcome to 2006! See our Myspace site for other news and music. Pagasys.com should be up soon.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, when and wherever possible. For instance we are promoting a Katrina Relief concert in Tacoma November 4, and playing the Battle of the Bands at the Tost Lounge in Fremont (neighborhood of Seattle) October 28. Enter 2006! We placed in the Emergenza Festival Battle of the Bands Elimination Round and went to the Semi-Final on May 4th. Wow, we are going to the FINAL on June 24th at Studio 7! You can see us at Jimmy Z's in Everett for Little Ben's Birthday Party on June 16th if you can (ay least 5 bands on a Friday night, a hot show for sure).
Your musical influences
Like many the Beatles were a huge influence on me at an early age, though I remember singing at the age of 2 to the radio, pop songs and such, Bobby Vinton and oh you know, all that... Of sourse much exposure to gospel and country, all forms of classical, flamenco, jazz, blues, showtunes, movie musicals, soundtracks, TV, you name it - it's all in there. Later I moved to more psychedelic forms, Pink Floyd, Santana, The Doors, Who, Moody Blues, some of the Rolling Stones (mostly Brian Jones era), Then, YES, ELP, Jethro Tull, and on and on... always at the core of it - poetry, the song, the melody, a simple sonet. Guitarists influences as wide as the groups they played in... Howe, Gilmour, Harrison, Santana, Mongomery, Hayward, any and all.... Same with songwriting. Lately I've been hearing both more old style jazz and bands like A Perfect Circle, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, and so on.
What equipment do you use?
What? Huh? technica? we use electronic effects on our instruments and keys but also use natural sound and acoustic instruments. (how novel!)
Anything else?
Watch our live DVD!