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Ian Larson
Ian Larson
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An acoustic experience for all ages, races, and creeds.
Chapter 23
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Rock Thrower (edit 1)
These first two songs are just demos recorded at a friend's,but this is the beginning of a hopefully successful music career. If anyone has any feedback for me about the lyrics, music, songwriting, quality, etc-feel free to contact me so I can keep it true to the public. Hope you enjoy the music... _____________________________________ Ian Larson
Band/artist history
I started playing the drums at eleven, and guitar at 18. I was 23 when I recorded these(25 now) and after studying music my whole life, I'm ready to take a shot at making it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. I played out pro for about 7 months last year until my concrete job got in the way, but my friend and I are recently back out locally. Special moment? I played the DC Eagles' clubhouse in Chicago once. That was pretty cool. Got a request for "The Man in Black". All I had was Cash's version of "Hurt" by NIN. It went over well, though. Did my own sound and sounded great. That was special.
Your musical influences
Ian Anderson(my namesake and the genius behind Jethro Tull), Rage Against the Machine, Neil Young, Tool, Pantera, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Hendrix, Bach, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky
What equipment do you use?
Had a nice Alvarez but I smashed it in a fit of rage so now I use Gwenyth, my Washburn G-35 which looks like it's 50 years old!
Anything else?
Yes. If Russ Feingold ever runs for President, vote for him. He's a modern-day Robert La Follette