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Pure Fire
Pure Fire
8 Tracks
You like the south, the east, the west, or midwest, you'll like this. This is boondocks Midwest representin for real
rock this bi***
Peak in sub-genre #85
rims pristine
On The Grind - Pure Fire
Born in Madrid, Spain, Fire has grown up all over the world, but his roots are in the Southeast. How did he end up in South Dakota thats a long story that's really short. Pure Fire is a Producer/Rapper like no other in or out of the industry. He produces, writes, arranges, and mix music. A Full Sail Real World Education graduate in Recording Arts, Fire currently is the head engineer at Everose Productions Recording Studio in good ol Rapid City, South Dakota. Ya'll come along cause this man got heat on them boards.
Band/artist history
At the young age of 7 Fire knew that he would be entertaining people. He entered almost every talent show that he knew about singing songs from artist such Michael Jackson, Prince, Freddie Jackson, and Luther Vandross. Since the 5th grade he was classically trained in music. By the age of 15 Fire started creating songs on cool edit using samples, with his first group the Lyrical Entities. Nine years have passed sinced that time and he now has 12 complete albums under his belt including: Lyrical Entities - Self Title, Victa 32f - Winter Storm Warning, Mookie Wilson & Victa Freeze -Digitally Mastered, Nex Level - Lyrical Mastapieces, Profeci- Ecclipse, Dank Commission - 2002 DC: Chronology, Midwest Aylum 1 & 2, Pure Fire - Infection, Pure Fire - Profeci, Rap City Ridaz - Born Legends, Smokehouse - Whats in that jar?, He's also done production for Legion Hill formerly known as SOI and Subliminal and he's still bubbling with the freshest sound to ever grace your ears. Neva Hesistate, Justfire.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have done live events but not many. Time is little and there are no great venues here in Rapid City.
Your musical influences
It's a twist of flavas from all over - Outkast, Dr. Dre, Roc-a-fella. Lyrical unique voices like Nas, Ras Kass.
What equipment do you use?
Roland Fantom, Motif E-S8, Cubase SX, Protools, MPC 2000
Anything else?
Check out www.soundclick.com/rapcityridaz for that stylistic lyrical hip-hop illness www.soundclick.com/smokehousefamily for that hardcore hip hop www.soundclick.com/justfireproductionz to listen and purchase fresh new beats by Pure Fire
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