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Psycho Andy
Psycho Andy
19 Tracks
Hard Rock, crazy fast guitar licks, atmospheric melodic rythms, original music: that's what I try to give! Be welcome and listen to my songs!
Psycho Andy - No Presents fro Christmas
Hy, I'm Andy and, as I am a "bit" crazy, "Psycho Andy" is the name I use for my internet accounts! Here you will find songs I use to write just to be played with my guitars, no voice! That's just me, my PC, my bass and my guitars! If you like intense atmospheres and a good playing I suggest "Crying moolight" or "The 7th sea of lies (2007)", if you like weird crazy music try "Warm soul of winter"! If you are in the "shredding madness" you can't miss "Storm of the rubber man" and "Only few miles"! I like fast, melodic, somtimes strange music, so I think that's what I get when I do my "instrumental things"! Anyway you can find quite everything I made in the instrumental rock world in my music section here! I have a video too, where you can see how I recorded some part of "Only few miles"! More to come here, come back soon!! ;-) Thanx for passing by!
Band/artist history
I started playing when I was 12, now I'm... well, let's just say it's been a long time! Maybe it's too long to tell here, but you can check out http://psychoandy.interfree.it/main.htm For my totally personal page or www.dejanira.com For the page of my band! There you can find any important (or not!)information about me! By the way I'm putting here my instrumental songs to keep in touch with ather people and putting me "on the ring" with my music! Thanx!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do, but not this stuff, I've played in many bands around here, but not this kind of music. Anyway not the instrumental ones! Actually my main project is the band Dejanira, in wich I play guitar and sing. Another band i played live with is Dark Enchantment, but right now the band is not working at all as only me and the singer are still active, but I'm trying to put the band together again!
Your musical influences
If I should mention avery band or musician I listen too it would take so many time and space that you woudl never load the page! I will name only the main people that influenced me in a perceptible way: Michael Angelo Batio, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Ace Freheley, David T. Chastain, Vinnie Moore, Ritchie Blackmore, are my favorite inspirations! These ones are the main guitarists that left something on my guitar conception!
What equipment do you use?
I use to record guitars and bass with a genesis 3 and a Morley Bad Horsie wah-wah pedal. Then I edit and mix the songs with Adobe Auditon using some plug.in. In live events I use an Engl Ritchie Blackmore head with a Behringer 400watt speacker (jehnsen equipped), a T.C. Electronics G-Major multieffect (with a Beheringer midi pedal) , the same Morley Wah-wha pedal and a Jim Dunloop Talk Box. This is also the same equipment i use to record with my band (Dejanira) using a sure beta 57 mic. I have different guitars for different styles: A Vintage B.C. Rich Mocking Bird, a 7 string B.C. Rich Warlock and a B.C. Rich Bich D tuned (I love B.C. Rich) but the one I use the most is a guitar I projected and realized with Carmine De Jaco. That's a hand made 7string guitar made on my needs and Carmine's great experience.
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