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A beautiful mix of all that she has known.
Love Song
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Way Too Fast
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On Second Thought
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Walk with Me
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Having written in many different genres... you'll find the beauty of Kika's music lies in the ability to hear that she has found her way home to her own sound, being a smooth combination of all her past musical experiences.
Band/artist history
Yes, there are tones similar to that of Natalie Merchant. But where Natalie doesn't go is where folk/rock artist, Kika, lives. Kika is a multi-faceted performer with professional backgrounds in dance, modeling, as well as music, having begun singing at the tender age of 3 and received her first guitar from "Santa" at age 7. "I'll never forget the first time I was on stage with my guitar. I was 8 years old and performed 'Country Roads' with another little girl. When John Denver passed on, it struck me pretty hard." Kika has graced such stages as the Celebrity Theater and Desert Sky Pavillion in Phoenix, AZ... The Roxy, by invite with her hip-hop group As One, for the ASCAP Talent Showcase in Hollywood, CA... The Belly-Up Tavern in Solano Beach, CA... Blind Melons in Pacific Beach, CA... the 24th St Stage-Oceanfront, by invite, for the "Festival of Pride" in Virginia Beach, VA... the VIP room at the Scope in Norfolk, VA... Club Galaxies in Sasebo, Japan... Wave Waikiki in Waikiki, HI ... MaiTai Bar in Waikiki ... among many many others. Having been involved with musical genres ranging from hip-hop to hard rock, it wasn't until Kika took some time and stepped away to grow as a person, that she found her niche. "I had always been pretty fearless when it came to being on stage because it was so common place for me. I don't remember a time when I wasn't performing in some-way-shape-or-form. But when it came down to the 'new' me, I experienced a very foreign feeling of anxiety. I felt naked... it was great! I knew I had touched on something inside me, but I also knew I had to immediately get passed this in order for me to be me. And for them to see me. It took a special person to get me back on stage with only myself, my guitar, and my songs in San Diego... I will always love him for that." Kika soon after recorded "She" at the grammy-nominated Track Star Studios, engineered by the Josquin Des Pres in San Diego, CA. Once the record was complete, she was immediately invited to perform for the "San Diego Women in Music" showcase, being only 1 of 2 artists that weren't on the event CD recorded and distributed from the year before. "I was with a hip-hop group that hit the Phoenix Top 40 and achieved 3rd most requested on the radio, so I know what it's like to hear your project on the radio... but after I recorded 'She' and allowed some bars to add it to their jukebox... it was so strange to walk into an establishment while my music is being played over head. It never failed to catch me off-guard. And even more so when I would look around and see people singing along. It was like they understood and joined me in my world. It was funny too because there would be people there that knew my music but had no clue it was me." Kika is looking forward to her next home base of Oahu, Hawaii so she can get things rolling with her next record. Although her style has changed a bit, she remains true to herself and her feelings. " I have all these ideas running through my head behind these new tunes I've written. It'll be such a relief to finally be able to sit and listen. I suppose the conquer is what it's all about. A sense that you have conquered being able to make sense out of a thought or feeling enough to put it into poetic words and combine it with music. A completed song = success."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do LOVE performing, but at the moment I'm on hiatus.
Your musical influences
I grew up on Bread and the Eagles! I love Joan Osborne. I love Basia. I love latin guitar. Michael Zanabili is my favorite guitarist. My favorite pianist/composer is David Lanz. Will always have a special place in my heart for Johnny Clegg. I love the way my chest thumps when I hear a good drum riff on the toms. The first song to affect me emotionally was Dog & Butterfly by Heart when I was just a munchkin. It brought me to tears. I prefer a very clean sound, although I have done and do enjoy the intensity of grinding guitars and funky bass-lines. My drummer for Cybil'z Trip had previously been with a death metal band and since has been with a great rock band. What he brought to the table was an eye-opener. I truly do enjoy most musical styles!
What equipment do you use?
Taylor. Mackie. Toca.
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