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CC Stewart
CC Stewart
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CC is well seasoned and very multi-talented. He is a rare one who has all the tools as a powerful and dynamic vocalist, songwriter, guitarist - pianist, and pro
CC Stewart Location: Des Moines, IA Genres: Pop, Rock, Blues, Country Website: http://www.musiciansregistry.com/ResultsContainer.htm?BandID=C527455F-9914-4B9A-871D29C26C036C10 CC Stewart - "I have known since age 4 what wanted to be. I have struggled my whole life in being a musician, a singer, and a songwriter. On this site are songs that are of life experiences and are very personal to me. I am constantly writing more material and cutting new songs. In the meantime, I pray that you, the listener, might know somebody... who knows somebody...who knows somebody...that would believe in me enough to get me discovered or get me a break into this tough industry."
Band/artist history
CC Stewart Location: Des Moines, IA Genres: Pop, Rock, Blues, Country Website: http://www.musiciansregistry.com/ResultsContainer.htm?BandID=C527455F-9914-4B9A-871D29C26C036C10 CC Stewart started playing piano at age 4. He began writing songs in 5th grade. He has a knack for imitating artist voice personalities making him very versitle in styles as he got older. Played drums in his first band at 16. Started playing guitar at age 20. From age 20, CC has been in numerous bands of various styles - Rock, Blues, and Country. He has made a meager living by playing in housebands, weekend bands and even spent over 3 years on the road with unsigned acts. CC is a prolific songwiter. His time on the road gave him the practice needed to become the lead guitarist he now is. In many housebands in Des Moines, CC has had the opportunity to open for countless amount of signed acts where he developed his seasoned and energetic stage persona. He spent 1993-2000 commuting to Nashville recording songs with aide of friend and legendary studio guitarist, Bucky Barrett. CC is still in hope to be signed to a major recording deal while he records in his home studio in Des Moines, IA.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live almost every chance I get. I've scraped up a poor living gigging since 1990 or so in the central Iowa area. Moved to Des Moines in 1993 and played in a house band at a local bar called "Toad Holler" I played a ton of gigs there and basically developed my stage persona doing 3-4 nights a week at the club and also opening up for any national recording artist Toad Holler brought in there. I have had alot of killer performances opening up for Stars. I always liked that pressure or thrill I guess. I love hi energy, in your face, kickin butt, slick and professional but also being yourself kind of sets. I'd even put the pressure on some of the newer artists just released - a few times I did anyway... I do my own version of Dobie Grey's "Drift Away". I bellar just so on it and take an extended guitar solo. It always seemed to bring the last of set to a high climax and even break the song down while the audience would be singing it back to the band. Awesome feeling. It's become one of my signatures and still today - the audiences have never gotten tired of it. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to sing it or have something else in mind - sure enough, someone will shout it out "Do Dobie Grey!" or "Drift Away! Do Drift away!" When they ask for it... I always perform it. Even my 3 years on the road, I got the same kind of response. - lol, yes...I love playing live! When I'm not - you might even find me on the internet trying to make new fans. It's addicting!
Your musical influences
I have so many influences. I think Steve Perry is killer. I like singers with power and control. I like Phil Vasser, Steve Wariner,Ronnie Milsap, Bryan White, Andy Griggs Restless Heart on the country side... In other things I love Delbert MClinton, Bonnie Raite, Eric Clapton, SRV, Bad Company, Mickey Thomas, Journey...I remember the 80's liking Whitesnake, Europe, to the contemporary sounds of Lionel Ritchie and Michael Bolton. Any group or artist with a killer vocalist - always catches my attention. Guitarists? My mentor, Bucky Barrett of course. he's amazing. The dude's a genious... and is the most technical perfectionist I have ever met. going to Nashville I dug Merle's players to Brent Mason in the studio. Bucky opened my eyes up to guys like Larry Carlton and Dan Huff. Vince Gill, Steve wariner... theyre a given. lol
What equipment do you use?
G-n-l guitars, EMG pickups, GHS strings, Fender Deville 212, GNX2 Digitech processor (sometimes), Boss compressor pedal, Alesis QS8 keyboard for drums, bass, and keys, strings, etc. Ntracks digital recording software (fasoft.com) AKG microphones, Shure mics,
Anything else?
Lord forgive me... I know not what I do.
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