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DIVERSE BEATS is a HIP HOP, R & B, REGGAE, ROCK, JAZZ, FUNK, HOUSE, JUNGLE, TECHNO, and POP producer all in one. DIVERSE will take on any music or sound project
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DIVERSE BEATS Original creations intergraded with an assortment of unique concepts. DIVERSE BEATS is set to take Canada and the world by storm. The name speaks for itself. With production skills in every genre of music DIVERSE consistently fulfils the listeners ears with a unique and versatile style of composing, arranging and writing. The production team consist of many musical geniuses carefully hand picked for each project by the man himself Ron Oliver also known as DIVERSE.
Band/artist history
Growing up Ron aka DIVERSE was surrounded by a musical family, from playing his grandparents upright piano to playing drums in the high school jazz band, music was a part of his everyday life. Some of his Influences are Beethoven, Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, Pete Rock, Timbaland, Dr Dre, Eminem and the list goes on. Ron has been perfecting his skills as a Producer/ Song writer/ DJ for the past seven years. He originally started as an Emcee/ DJ called THA WIZARD for a group called Another Blunted Crew or A.B.C in 1996 which consisted of five emcees. Soon after Ron became fascinated with the production side of the music. He then co produced his first solo album entitled Schizophrenic Menis in 97, which sold hundreds of copies throughout the east end of Toronto, and even in BC. In 98' he created an independent record label called BEAT BANDIT productions. The goal was to create an arsenal of talented artists that would all collaborate as one team to expose the unnoticed unsigned talent in the underground music scene. With artists from around the world such as Detroit, Jamaica, and British Columbia they created an unbelievable amount of music. The songs where loved and sang by hundreds of BEAT BANDIT fans across North America. They performed at least twice a month at many different venues such as THE EL MOCAMBO, LEES PALACE, 360 and many more. You also may have heard the single Growing Pains on radio stations in Toronto. In the summer of 2001 Ron started to produced his first full album called DIVERSE MENTALITY which was created by him and a very multi talented Songwriter/ Emcee /Singer who went by the name, JAYZ MENTAL from the underground hip hop group called Death Equals All aka. D.E.A. Jayz complimented the versatile skills of Ron who did the same for him; it was a duo that could not be stopped. This album was the reason for the big change in skill level and quality for Ron so he decided to retire the name WIZARD and went by DIVERSE which best described him self. Near the end of the project Ron received a call from a company called DOGS LIFE MUSIC to work on the urban side of a project for GENERAL MOTORS CANADA. His job was to create two full-length songs for full-length commercials, one for the GRAND AM GT the other for the TRACKER. He immediately contacted Jayz who came up with three brilliant verses for the tracker song, Ron wrote the chorus and they had a hit. The second song was not as easy as the first so Ron went to a local talent agent who directed him to GIZMO B now known as DAETONA who One day after they met DAETONA came back with the second song for the compilation. With the creative genius of DIVERSE on both choruses, the third person story telling of tracker down and the first person story about the GRAND AM, Ron made his first commercial debut with the largest company in the world. Both commercials were released and seen by the public for the first time at the 2002 Toronto auto show, The technical scratching skills shown in the Grand Am chorus scored DIVERSE a spot spinning at the show as well. 2002 definitely was the best year for Ron in his music career, so good in fact he decided to stop working under the Beat Bandit label and created his very own production company called DIVERSE BEATS. Since then Ron has worked on and wrote many songs including a very impressive Gospel album for a group called BLESSED REDEEM, and a collaboration with a rising Turkish rock group called MESKEN. With an unbelievable amount of his own production that exceeds well over one thousand musical creations DIVERSE is A musical force not to be taken lightly. His next project is with his wife who is one of the best female emcees in the world. Going by the stage name of KARONA her first single "STIR UP THA PARTY" is set to be released in the summer of 2004. The album does not have a release date yet but stay tuned.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Im going to get back into it this summer 2004 the last place I performed was the COMFORT ZONE (Toronto) last year with DAETONA,we performed or song FUNK U and it got the best crowd response of the whole night, WE FUNKED THAT PLACE UP. My favorite venue would be by far the EL MOCAMBO (Toronto) I performed there with my old group BEAT BANDITS and we packed the place. I am a natural at rocking crowds, I live for that and love it.
Your musical influences
Im influenced most by Jazz and classical Rock I love groups like LED ZEPLIN, VAN HALEN, BTO and NEIL YOUNG. I also enjoy classical music like BACH, MOZART and BEETHOVEN. I listen to a lot of MOTOWN artist like MICHAEL JACKSON and EARTH WIND AND FIRE. As well as some reggae by BOB MARLEY, SIZZLA and BEENIE MAN, My music of choice when I spin or write is Hip Hop and R&B, growing up listening to BIG DADDY KANE, KRS ONE, GANG STARR, JERU THE DAMAJA, A TRIBE CALLED QUEST, BUSTA RHYMES, GRAND PUBA, SLICK RICK, PETE ROCK was my favorite and LL COOL J (BAD) was my first Rap album. A bit later it was BIGGIE, GROUP HOME, OUTCAST, R KELLY, BEAT NUTS, LOST BOYS, OC, BIG L, FAT JOE, SHOW AN AG, BIG PUN, KOOL G RAP, CANIBUS, XZIBIT, WU-TANG changed my life, FUGEES, MOBB DEEP, NAS, AZ, SNOOP, JAY-Z and now influenced by NEPTUNES, DR DRE, TIMBALAND, EMINEM and TWISTA. Theres to many more to mention but you must get the point by now.
What equipment do you use?
I use what ever I need for each particular project; I have access to almost any thing but heres a list of my personal favorites in my studio. REASON 2.5, CUBASE VST, WAVE LAB, two TECHNICS 1200S a VESTEX PMC 05 MIXER, and more records and samples than you can count in one day. I also use a KORG N364, TASCAM US-122, MPC 1000, FINAL SCRATCH 1.5 and three kick ass computers running it all.
Anything else?
You will be able to check me out soon at the JUNO AWARDS, GRAMMYS, MTV MUSIC AWARDS, MUCH MUSIC AWARDS and on radio stations all over the world, DIVERSE BEATS IS TAKING OVER! CHECK THESE LINKS OUT!!
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