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Tony Graham
Tony Graham
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I'm Thinking
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Look At Your Life
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"Walk On Water" © 1995
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"Kick The Can" © 2003
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Holding Out For A Hero
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Instrumentation Tony Graham Guitar/Vocals/Lyricist "Singer Songwriter Tony Graham has had the ability to magically mesmerize every audience I have seen him perform before. At a Tony Graham performance, while you are inadvertently wandering through past, present and future thoughts, you cant help but wonder if the late Jim Croce hasnt re-incarnated himself into the mind and soul of Graham. Or is it the reclusive Cat Stevens that keeps tickling your ears? Has James Taylor and Dan Folgelberg had their magical hands in on the honing of this guys talent? Yet what you are actually hearing and experiencing is something fantastically unique and fresh. Tony Graham is one of the best new songwriters of our day. Someone is going to grab a hold of this guy and run. Wouldnt it be fun to be a small part of that history?" Mark Tenoi - Streetlight Magazine Http://singersongwritertonygraham.com A unique and original American voice. The voice echoes Cat Stevens, Jim Croce and Dan Folgelberg during their soulful, musical best. But Tony Graham somehow remains his own man, with his own memories, stories, and visions. He is not only well worth hearing, He is well worth hearing again and again Forest Benning - Nightlife Entertainment Graham, has been building an ever growing following for years by sculpting songs packed with spirit and passion. Dorine Bordin DB productions INC The Next American Idol Reviewer: Simon Cowell Tony Graham could easily be the next American Idol or the next Nashville Star. Hope to see him in the competition.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I perform my music through-out the Pacific NW and would like to expand my region. I love it when people are effected by my performance. As for any special moments..Oh Yeah!!! I was playing to a packed house and all night in-between songs, after the applause of course, you could hear a pin drop. Each time during these moments of silence, A little 5 year old boy sitting up front with his parents would say things like, "You're the bestest singer" and "he's a really good singer isn't he mommy?" Each time, the audience would laugh and go awwww. Well, during one of those moments of silence I hear.... "The Beatles aren't even as good as you are!... The audience just goes nuts with laughter and they all stood up filling the place with cheers and applause. That was the best moment and compliment that I have ever recieved. Later, the boys mother tells me that her son is the worlds biggest Beatles fan and she almost fainted when she heard that come out of his mouth. I gave him a signed album and listed him as my biggest Fan. Thanks Conner!
Your musical influences
I like music that grabs you and makes you think. Music that pulls a little on the emotions. And I like clean top quality vocals backed up by tightly polished music that fits the lyric. My influences for my vocals are Kenny Loggins and Cat Stevens. Wierd mix eh? My songwriting influences would have to be Jim Croce, Bernie Taupin, Kenny loggins and Cat Stevens.
What equipment do you use?
I play a 1990 Signature Yari cutaway acoustic electric guitar.
Anything else?
Come check out my website!! Http://singersongwritertonygraham.com
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