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Southern Limits
Southern Limits
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Country Music/Southern Rock, unsigned artists, southern limits, southern limits band, guitars, fun, Georgia, Calhoun,dixie
Southern Limits is from the little town of Calhoun, Georgia. A middle of the road city between Atlanta, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Eric Bohannon - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar "Tele" Will Mathews - Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar Seth "Pretty Boy" Hughes - Bass Ryan "Rooster" Coker - Drums, Lead/Backing Vocals Kim - Lead/Backing Vocals Jamie Burns - Guitars, Vocals You can visit us on the web at www.southernlimitsband.com, www.southernlightsrecords.com or you can always find us at www.songplanet.com/southernlimits Check out www.the-alley-cartersville.com
Band/artist history
Southern Limits have been playing together going on five years. We write, perform, and produce all of our own original music that you hear, as well as covers ranging from modern country to classic/southern rock. Be sure to check out our "ON TOUR" section for upcoming shows in your area.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All the time. The Rodeo in Jasper, Ga, The Governor's Lounge, The Rock & Country Club in Chattanooga, Tn., The Alley in Cartersville, Ga. We love playing live because we are a REAL live band. The only special moments worth talking about is our families and those people out there who really love original music and having a good time. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!
Your musical influences
Our musical influences vary from country to rock to motown to gospel and everywhere in between without prejudice.
What equipment do you use?
We play Fender, Martin, D'adarrio, and Elixer guitar strings on Fender, Epiphone and Takamine guitars through Crate, Fender, and Yamaha amps while beating on Pearl Drums and singing through Sure microphones on a Behringer sound system.
Anything else?
Without the love of Jesus Christ nothing would be possible. Thanks for all of your kindness and continued support. May this road we travel get shorter every day. God Bless and thanks for everything. We don't forget our friends and we'll always be the "Little People"!!!
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