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June 16, 2004
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My name is Bruce Mahoney and I have been writing music for numerous years in many different settings and cities. I started my project studio with a Yamaha 4-track cassette deck in my bedroom as a way to capture my own musical ideas. I have now expanded to the digital realm in an 18' x 12' "tuned" room in my garage. I listed 'alternative' as the genre for my music but it runs the gamut. If I have an idea for a song in a certain style I go for it.
Band/artist history
Honedawg currently consists of myself and my wife, April; writing, recording, and producing music in our home studio. I mainly play guitar but also fiddle around with bass, keyboards, mandolin and vocals. I record using a Zoom 1266 digital recorder and a long list of equipment that I've accrued over the years. I utilize the help of my children,friends, and family also for vocals and other added elements.
Your musical influences
I've always listened to a wide range of music and my music reflects this. Some of my favorites include Portishead,Govt. Mule, Monte Montgomery, Phish, Dinosaur Jr.,Neil Young, UMPH, Frank Black, Hank Williams Sr., String Cheese Incident, Nickle Creek,KingsX, Fishbone, Bela Fleck...
What equipment do you use?
Instuments: 1987-Sigma DM-ACV, 1984-Ibanez Proline, 1980-Fender Bullit, 1982-Hondo Warlock, 2004-Carlo Robelli CW4103FCS, 2006 Gibson AJ, 2003-Washburn XB102 Bass, 2003-Fender FM53S Mandolin, Yamaha GBX500 and X100 Keyboards, and a Kimball spinet acoustic console piano. Recording: Crate and Roland Amps, AKG, Shure,SP, RMS, and MLX mics,Aphex 207d and Behringer Ultragain Pro preamps,Yamaha MM1402 Mixer, Zoom 1266 Digital Recorder, Wharefdale 8.2 and Edirol MA10 monitors.
Anything else?
and you can find my parody songs here: www.soundclick.com/karijokee
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