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Kevin Sage
Kevin Sage
Chandler, AZ  USA
June 07, 2004
71,357 plays
Hi everyone. This is just my little corner of the world where I'm posting up my music. Throughout the ages, man has striven to go beyond the limits of the immediate physical world to create that which was not there before and thus nourish the human spirit. Man's need to make, experience, and comprehend art is as profound as his need to speak. It is through art that we can understand ourselves and our potential. And it is through art that we will be understood and remembered by those who will come after us.
Band/artist history
a man with no plan just an ear for a career with a few strings and other things www.kevinsage.net
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Writing and recording whenever I can. I play live in a few bands. Sylence, A tribute to arena rock, Voyager, a Tribute to the music of Journey, and Bon's Revival, a tribute to Bon Scott era AC/DC.
Your musical influences
Everyone and everything. Metal, Rock, Blues, Acoustic Fingerstyle, Classical, Electronica
What equipment do you use?
My fingers. Can't get much more unique than that
Anything else?
Kevin plays Jackson Guitars, Charvel Guitars, Martin Guitars, Gretsch Guitars and Gibson Guitars, Korg Keyboards through Mesa Boogie, Krank, Peavey and Line6 products while simultaneously standing on one foot, rubbing his belly and patting his head all the while leaving as small a carbon stain as possible.
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