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Reap With Your Soul
It goes down
It's Been A Long
Band/artist history
Jack Danielz producer of RR "RuffRyders" has been into the music industry for two years. Like any other regular producer he wanted to be heard and known. At the age of 14 he started to save money for equipment with Arsen his friend but it was hard because they were young to get jobs. So they saved every single penny and made enough for equipment then Jack Danielz started to practice everyday he made music he mastered bad quality songs untill he got the hang of it. Then the best thing happened to him his friend "Arsen" Met Act Da Fool, Got his information and gave it to Jack Danielz. They talked and agreed that Jack would mix and produce there albumn as an executive producer.His carreer sky-rocketed. After a while he started to meet alot of famous celebrities for example Outlawz, Nelly, Macadoshis, Jin, Jadakiss, DMX, P-Diddy, Nick Cannon, B2K, and etc. So he started producing albums it is hard for him because he has school so it interferes with his music career but he trys his hardest to succeed. Then he met Drama, not knowing Drama was his Junior High peer. They connect fast, Produced a song Drama did with J13 called We Dont Give A F**k, Now. We asked Jack Danielz "what does he think of the music industry?" his responce was ("As a producer I think the music industry is hard to get in because there are to many rappers, singer and etc trying to make it but you gotta fight and work your way trough to make enouhg money to put bread on the table to suport your loved ones and your family." Right now Jack Danielz is currently working on comming Albums...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play live u can contact me and we can arrange a date for one of my artists to perform at ur b-day/sweet sixteen/ christmas partyz/halloween partyz and etc...
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
Recognized as one of the worlds first Armenian Rap beat Producers, 16 year old William goes by the name of "Outlaw" He makes all sorts of beats from krunk to emotional and etc... Each beat he makes is for $200 dollars each. You are probably saying "why is it so expensive?" Well Young outlawz beats are also produced with the Ruff Ryders. Note: You Do not Get copy right on da beats!!! FOR INFO CONTACT ME OR DRAMA!!! wcbombz@yahoo.com or ImpactEntCeo@hotmail.com (www.ruffryders.com)(www.jpeso.com)(www.wcbombz.tk)
Anything else?
Impact Entertainment studio is only $25 per hour including engineer. We always provide free CD masters. There are no "hidden" costs. Digital audio CD mastering is available for only $60 per song for a limited time. This special price is in conjunction with our new updated website launches and will go to at least $100 per song very soon. Now's the time to master! (LIMITS ARE 3 SONGS) Flat rate for all hourly studio services is $25 per hour. This includes tracking, mixing, overdubs, sequencing, arranging, editing. Package deals are $90 for a each track you do and i complete it by doing my job which is mastering it and producing it. (NOTE- BEATS ARE FROM YOU WHEN YOU GET THIS DEAL!!!)(WE ALSO MAKE BEATS!!!) Album Designs and covors are "FREE" when you make your album with Impact Entertainment. Doing TRACKS with Ruff Ryders starting is $400 per track!!! (That does not include my deals) FOR FURTHER INFORMATION YOU CAN CONTACT ME AT (ImpactEntCeo@homtail.com) OR IM ME WITH AIM MY SN IS (IMPACT ENT CEO) NOTE: I dont wanna waste your time nor mine now this is what I do and strictly this I dont do less I dont bargain for anything you do your stuff I "produce and engineer your music for the money you give me" and thats it your on your way. This does not mean your apart of "Impact Entertainment" and this does not make you an agent of the "RUFF RYDERS" you just use my equipment. Go to West Coast BombZ official site. www.wcbombz.tk
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