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DH - the Dazed Hittaz
DH - the Dazed Hittaz - a lava hot duo out of Arizona with rappers Dren and Hella.
2 songs
132 plays
Saturday(snippet) by DH feat. Ol' Green, the Wood
Weekend joint.
We Know Better (snippet) by DH
Party Anthem.
DH - Dazed Hittaz - a lava hot duo out of Arizona.
Band/artist history
DH - the Dazed Hittaz - released the Derelict Dayz EP on May 27, 2004, featuring the hits "We Know Better" and "Saturday". DH is made up of Dren and Hella. Dren is a versatile wordsmith who can go from pimp smooth to demonic at the flip of a switch: a true master of the language. Hella bounces on the track like a jackrabbit, making heads nod with his hypnotic mic sorcery. Together, these two masterminds form a collective capable of taking over the mass media and the world at large.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hell yeah, we play the underground spots and the hottest clubs. It's special anytime we set foot on a stage, and our audience is the shizznit.
Your musical influences
First off, there's nobody like DH, past or present. But we were influenced by the fire, the push to say something, of the old school cats like PE and Gangstarr. But we love the voices and styles from the new, like Outkast and Lloyd Banks.
What equipment do you use?
Our producer, the Wood, uses the Yamaha Motif. That thing is crazy!
Anything else?
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