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Clique 147
Clique 147
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I'm not your average MC, been spitting for over a decade and writing for way longer. Getting good with making beats and playing the electric guitar. Music is ev
Epilogue Feat Heavens Breff
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Every Breath
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Your Love
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Philip's Song
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What's up Name is Heaven's Breath, and i've been doing this ever since i can remember. Started as a way to vent and move on with my life, but has quickly turned into the only thing that really defines me. Im getting good at guitar and been starting to make beats. Lived all over the place so my sound is real unique. Gangsta yet refined. I take this serious. I don't have any fear about not making it. Some people are meant to build cars, or catch footballs. I was born to rock crowds. Simple ya know? Smoke Budz -HB
Band/artist history
Well, it all started in Durham NC. Clique 147 comprised of just a few members (Deja Vu, Ice Pick, Kelz, Ox), some passed through others are still holding it down. It was in this city that i found my voice. Started recording right away, just messing around and always trying way harder than anyone else. I took my lyricism with me through prep school in PA, performing for my peers and earning lyrical respect through enlightened poetry (what do prep kids know about thug life?). I had to evolve. Moved back to NC, only this time it was Wilmington NC. Linked up with a few cats around the way and rocked a few crowds. I did a few house parties etc. Then i went on what i call mental sabbatical. Lived with my old man outside Chicago....always kept my ear to the street....watched the industry change. I eventually ended up in San Diego. Greatest couple of months of my life. The hip hop artists of the world flaunted and talked and i was writing, keeping quiet....building and perfecting my skill. I had tried paying a top producer to make me famous, he ended up doing what they all do. taking my money and giving me the finger. Thats cool, i saw Amsterdam. So now im back in my birth place Phoenix AZ, trying to get somewhere with this music. Been recording alot lately, im hoping to have mixtapes and albums out in this new year. Look for em. -HB
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hopefully at a spot near you. I love performing so im sure you and I will catch a special moment soon.
What equipment do you use?
Nuemann TLM 103 Ni
Anything else?
Do or do not, there is no try. :)
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