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Kemic Hal
Kemic Hal
2 Tracks
Kemic Hal is Ambient Drum and Bass cut with Jungle and evened out with Hip Hop. Expect Melodic,grooving jams, music to bug out to.
Do you like Jell-O? Yeah so do I
Band/artist history
So I started in a death metal band when I was 17. I played guitar then slowly progressed toward bass out of lack of steady bandmates. When that band fizzled out I did a collaboration on a hip hop album with one of my friends. While doing this I worked with a goth-metal band named M. Francis Fester. Eventually I left the band cause it was going nowhere. Then the collaboration ended when certain unforseen concequences befell my friend. That said I currently work alone. I find it easier than relying on dead beat band members afraid to take a chance.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No I play dead. Now roll over! Sit Ubu sit
Your musical influences
This is a tough one I don't know where to start I do mostly drum n bass/jungle but my influences are more like... Ella Fitzgerald,Louie Armstrong,Ventures,Duane Eddie,Beach and Surf music,The Platters,Chevelles,all kinds of metal Corrosion of Confomity, Anthrax, Metallica of course, Biohazard, Tool.... Minor Threat, Beastie Boys, Rza, Method Man,Red Man Busta Ryhmes, like I said a hard one I could go on forever.
What equipment do you use?
Ensoniq ASRX pro not so much anymore, old Korg X5D keyboard just for midi though, which I feed into my compy running Reason. Then I use other multitracking programs and wave editors.
Anything else?
Anything else? (Anything goes here!)