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Political Gangsta
Political Gangsta
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I am the Political Gangsta, I plan to succeed in this musical revolution. I am not the leader of the revolution, because to say that you are a leader causes muc
Political Gangsta-
I intend on a response, not tomarrow, not the next day, not after proper documents are drawn up and approved by the congress, senate, and house. Not after proper legislation has been aquired, not after my trangressions have ended and millions of my people have died. The ANSWER MUST COME TODAY!!! Or you will face the reprecussions. In the words of El Hajj Malik Shabazz, any group that waits patiently for their grievences to be heard and to be recognized, is a group that will forever go unrecognized and unaddressed. Your sitting back, playing the role of Ariel Sharon, and denying me the answer I have been asking for long enough, no, there will not be peace between you and me, until you have responded to this music.
Band/artist history
Political Gangsta is the result and product of your fear of REAL HIP-HOP, your trepidation, your blatant arrogance, and utter disregard, has caused you to run from your reality. Well what is your reality? Your reality is that you have been faced with an amorphous and fierce opposition to the status quo, you could not see PG even if viewing behind 3-D spectacles you can not equal the lyrical power and skill of your oppenent. So you run. But know that nothing on this earth is done in vein. And you will have to face up to that which you run from. I intend to have an adequate response to this my music, in this life, on this day, by any means neccassary.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!!!!!!
Your musical influences
The Revolution, the musical revolution. The musical revolution has been set forth on this day, in this hour, and it demands your full and undivided attention. And I refuse to watch the musical revolution laungish in the prisons of the mud of that foul smelling dungeon. I refuse to watch this forum rot, die, and dwindle in despair. And I demand with the whole of my being that the musical revolution reaches it's true objective.
What equipment do you use?
The Mind is my weapon, your undersiege, I'll shoot you off at the knee's. I will continue to up this until the selfishness and impersonal attitude that has led the very people that make up this forum, to disregard the wants and needs of those that make up that forum, until you all decide to recognize our existence as battlers at this forum, there will be no forum.
Anything else?
It is not an issue of whether or not I want you to listen to me, whether you wanted to battle me, or whether you even like me, I am speaking in the language of hip-hop, and you are missing in action, MIA, AWOL, absent without leave, tardy, you are afraid, you are scared, and I am creating music with the whole of my being, and I will not stop my transgressions, until you have met me in a manner that is good not for you, but for the both of us. Respond to my battle, or you will be leveled by this prophetic spirit of wrath. I will strip you of your dignity as a human being. I have reached my lyrical nexus or convalescence, my spirit healed, I am no longer a racist or narrrow minded nationalist, but a recovering one. I am attacking you from every angle, with the whole of my being, I am attacking you for your artistic jealousy of me, your self-vanity, I am repudiating every inch of your being, I am shooting you off at your knee's.. I am going to colonize your soul through rhyme, you are my bitch. You can not learn to battle through osmosis, so wake the fuck up and battle me like a man.