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Sound Priest
Sound Priest
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Fade/ Slip Away Acoustic (Facebook live jam 2012)
A song written by a man when he began to Fade/ Slip Away.
Johnny Rockstar
This song was written one day when i wanted to just cut loose on my electric guitar and show all the younger guys out there my Heavy Metal roots, and that Johnny Rockstar can still Rock!
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Last Resort (Alice In Chains Inspired)
A Heavy Metal Musician who was born blind, and was once lost in the fires of hell, He called out to God to save him, He knows the lord Jesus Christ is ever Forgiving.
Cover: Darkness "I believe in a thing called love"
This was back when Troy and I were first learning this song.
14 songs
Band/artist history
"Sound Priest is just a small band I formed back in 1999 as a hobby." - Craig Russell
Your musical influences
Cinderella, Eddie Van Halen, As I lay dying, Barren Cross, Stryper, John Denver, Micheal W. Smith, Alice in Chains, Staind, and Creed among others.
What equipment do you use?
Kramer Guitars, Charvel Guitars.
Anything else?
Sound Priest Music would like to thank: First and foremost #1 GOD! and then my beautiful wife for standing by me, I would also like to thank Josh E., the most awesome drummer, I have ever witnessed in my life. I'm proud Josh that a drummer with your excellence, super speed, precision strikes, and talent believed in my band Sound Priest enough to Jam live with me. You are a great friend buddy, and will never be forgotten, and Sound Priest will never be the same without you. I'd also like to thank Kramer American Guitars for manufacturing three of the most awesome Heavy Metal/Rock Guitars in the world, my Kramer Sustainer, Kramer Custom Pacer II, and my Kramer Pro-Axe. I would have given up on Guitar playing long ago if it hadn't been for my Kramers! I'd like to thank all the Fans of Sound Priest Music who return to this site on a daily basis just to listen to the tunes, and the people out there who have believed in us. The Kramer Guitar Forum-Worldwide Kramer Guitar Community online, CDBaby.com for promoting the upcoming album, and all the internet Radio stations that are now streaming Sound Priest Music over the web, special thanks to The NOAA Central Library, and the National Severe Storms Laboratory for allowing use of the above storm photograph for the website! Thanks guys and gals! Godbless you all! You ROCK!
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