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Joe Wrabek
Garibaldi, OR  USA
June 28, 2004
48,333 plays
Band/artist history
Old enough to know better. Have been writing and performing for 32 years. Rhythm guitarist and one of the songwriters of the Dodson Drifters during that group's brief meteoric climb to stardom in the late 1970s.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes--anywhere and everywhere I can. Yes--I like people. All moments are special.
Your musical influences
Steve Goodman, John Prine, Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, Frank Sinatra, Buck Owens, and Avril Lavigne. (Tells you a lot, doesn't it?)
What equipment do you use?
Old but good guitar. Cheap mike. Cheap amp. No-name but loud banjo. Friends.
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In Saskatchewan, there used to be a town with a wheat pool elevator every 9 miles, because it took 1/2 day to take your wheat to the pool by horse and cart and 1/2 day to go home...... 4 1/2 miles either way. Consequently, we have towns like this....... about every 15 km (9 miles for y'all south of the border). I know them well. Brilliant as always, Joe!
Love it Joe!!! Of course...you can post this one in time sir! fantastic job!
'Can i have your car when the rapture comes' Well... i've spammed your song as much as i can today :) It's a great song though. Hope all is well.
Joe, I like your song about no good songs about the war. Great lyrics! Thanks for sharing.
Joe!!! Awesome job on The Dogs Song!!! Funny! Funny!! Funny!!! Love it!!!