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The Bedroom Project
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Dream the Music
Jazzy... just me and my guitar
White Boy Reggae
A simple ska influenced comedy song.
Dark, Beat Driven and Atmospheric
Purple and Gold
A techno funk workout, in the vein of Prince, complete with a funky drum loop and guitar riff.
This is music for people who love music. This is for people who question the nature of songs
Band/artist history
The Bedroom Project is not a band, and originally it was a way of recording my ideas. At the time I had just formed my band, Professor Marmite's Sense of Moral Outrage, which is a far more conventional rock outfit. I began to get ideas for songs and record demos of riffs on my bedroom computer. This became more and more regular, and soon I had fallen in love with the lo-fi, raw sound that I got from my cheap equipment. The solo nature of the rocording gave a kind of unstructured freedom which I never managed to capture with Professor Marmite's Sense of Moral Outrage. The Bedroom Project's tracks range from pure experimentation to extremely conventional song structures, given a twist, partly by the humble production values, and partly by my own lack of experience. Many of the songs are the result of my desire to explore a certain genre of music. My quest to discover what makes a song into jazz (Dream the Music), reggae (White Boy Reggae) or punk-rock (Got the Fear) produced some interesting music, purely because I really did not know the answer to this question. The Bedroom project has turned me into something of a multi-instrumentalist. Because of my selfish refusal to let anyone else dilute my ideas with their own (On the first Bedroom Project album, there is only one instance of an instrument not being played by me. This is the drum loop on Darkwave, which was supplied by my good friend Rob Evans), I end up playing: Acoustic, Classical and Electric Guitar Keyboards, Synths and Drum Machines Marimba Vocals, Whistling and Beatbox Mouth Organ Controlled Feedback and Interference The Bedroom Project remains an outlet for my ideas, but now lets them become songs without the original concept being crushed by over-production.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Because of the nature of The Bedroom Project's music, with its effects and inumerable overdubs, it is impossible to play live.
Your musical influences
Musical styles range from Folk a la Nick Drake and Beck to techno, funk a la Prince. RnB, experimental, Blues, Rock, Jazz and Reggae.
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha PSR-240 keyboard... Cool Edit Pro 2.0
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