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A solo rap artist and producer by the name of EVG Da Big Green. I run with my label Nu Blazin Records.
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Let It Bump feat Shelena C. and B.N.U.T.T.S.
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Ain't Payin 4 It feat. Black B.
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Feelin Good feat. G-Beanz and Mavrique
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Gucci, Louie, Prada feat. Da Prez and DKJ
This is EVG. I am a rapper who is a great skillful artist, some people call me the eminem of sexual lyrics. But i wouldnt take it that far, i have been rappin since i was 8, made my first rap tape when i was 17 and my first cd at 18, I started off rapping to instrumentals (Lil Kim, Mystikal, Jay-Z, etc) but i am trying to move towards original beats. I am always down to collab with any other artist. I live right outside atlanta. And I rep my label Nu Blazin Records
Band/artist history
http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/blayzinrecords2005/evgdisco.html for better detail Da Big Green Vol. 2 (2000) Track Song 1 Intro (Premier) 2 Smoke What U Wanna Smoke 3 Make My Body Tingle feat. Aquemini 4 Closet Freaks feat. Shelena C. 5 ATL Livin feat. Se7en, Squirell, and Lo-Kee 6 Wanna Be Pleased? feat. Aquemini 7 Dem Hataz feat. Douggy 8 Layin N The Cut feat. Lo-Kee, Genisis, Squirell, and Se7en 9 Bust Them Gunz feat. Hollwood J. and AT 10 Free Your Mind feat. Marcus 11 It Is My Fault feat. Black B. 12 Lets Get High feat. L.V. 13 Kill You Slowly feat. Aquemini 14 Sex Tantrum feat. Lady L. and Lil G 15 Me and My Boo feat. Version 16 Lets Ride feat. Lo-Kee 17 Lil Whoadies feat. Ky N Kodi 18 Dont Want To F*ck Wit Us feat. Lil Chucky 19 Put Em In The Air 20 WW3 Freestyle feat. Lil Chucky, Mr. Pain, Se7en, and Hollywood J. 21 Get Ur F*ck On Remix feat. Shelena C. 22 Smoke What U Wanna Smoke Remix feat. Squirell Beat Byter (2001, Jan) Track Song 1 Johnisha's Intro 2 3 Do You Want This feat. Toya 4 Jerk It 5 Eat My Ass 6 Sabiana Pt.1 (skit) 7 Vibin feat. Marcus, Rod, Lil Chucky, and Mr. Pain 8 Somethin New feat. Shelena C. and Lo-Kee 9 Porno Shop Skit with Lady L. 10 That Is Different feat. Squirell and BattleChild 11 The Way We Were feat. Version, C.J., and Larry 12 Sabiana pt.2 (skit) 13 Closet Freaks pt.2 feat Shelena C. 13 Pass The Mic feat. Fyaa and Luga 14 Smoke What U Wanna (Re-inditioned) 15 Kill A Nigga 16 Smoke Wit U feat. Black B. 17 Sabiana pt. 3 (skit) 18 Bling feat. Ky 19 4 Times feat. Se7en and Lil Mike 13 Johnisha's Outro 13 Dexter and Ms. Pop (skit prank call) Beat Poetry [2 Disc (2002, Oct) DISC 1 Track Song 1 Intro 2 My Life 3 Jealous Ho's feat. Shelena C. 4 Our World feat. Squirell 5 A Lil Higher Now 6 Its Like That feat. L.V. 7 Tell Me That U Love Me feat. D.Kadia 8 Wit It feat. Se7en 9 Switch Up feat. Lil Chucky, Mr. Pain, Shelena C, and Da Prez 10 Junk Mail feat. BattleChild 11 Like How Im Ballin feat. Genisis and DKJ 12 Hit It Like That 13 On The Grind feat. Se7en and Mr. Pain DISC 2 Track Song 1 Booty Girls feat. Squirell 2 U Aint Got No Friends 3 Bloody Affairs 4 Look At Me Now 5 B.E.L.S. feat B.E.L.S. (Black B, EVG, Shelena C.,Lady L.) 6 Welcome 2...feat. DKJ 7 Bounce 8 Kool-Aid 9 U Not No Gangsta feat. Black B., BattleChild, and Se7en 10 7 Nuts 11 Its Like That feat. L.V. 12 Ain't No Reason feat. Lo-Kee, Mr. Pain, Se7en, and Squirell 13 Good Times feat. Dwayne P The Green Album: Controvery (2003) Track Song 1 Intro 2 Make Money feat. Kane, Genisis, and DKJ 3 Grind on Reverse feat. Squirell 4 Eh Yo feat Dat Killa J 5 Blazin 102.7 Interlude 6 Come Wit Me feat. Version 7 Shootin You feat. Da Prez 8 Comin Unda feat. Lo-Kee 9 Private Home Video 10 I Got... feat. Lady L. 11 F*ck Da Hataz feat. BattleChild 12 Stop Playin Games feat. D. Kadia 13 Subliminal feat. Black B. 14 Ghetto Radeem feat. Lo-Kee 15 Hard Times feat. Lady L. and Da Prez 16 Gonna Give It 2 Ya feat. Paul 17 My Life pt 2 18 Come Back 4 U 19 Special Announcement Radio Star (2003) Track song 1 n/a 2 n/a 3 n/a 4 n/a 5 n/a 6 n/a 7 n/a 8 n/a 9 n/a 10 n/a 11 n/a 12 n/a 13 n/a 14 n/a 15 n/a Came Back A Soldier (2003, Dec) song 1 Intro 2 Blayzin's Back feat. Da Prez, Se7en, and DKJ 3 Paved The Way feat. D.Kadia 4 Blayzin Ho feat. B.E.L.S. 5 Cut My Hair feat. Version 6 Yea feat. Ky N Kodi 7 Never Change 8 I Know Im Sexy 9 Whoa feat. Da Prez 10 Freespot feat. Lo-Kee and Squirell 11 What The F*ck 12 Im EVG 13 Betta Dayz feat. Se7en and D. Kadia 14 Blayzed 14 Rewind Gone Wild (2004, Mar) song 1 Intro (in the news) 2 Light Yo Pubs on Fire feat. Da Prez 3 You Know How I Ride 4 Da Big Green 5 Dere Dey Go feat. Lil Mike, Squirell, Da Prez, Lo-Kee, DJ XL, DKJ, and Se7en 6 EVG Is Here 7 Freestylelude feat. BattleChild 8 Penis Poppin On A Handstand 9 Dont Be Down feat. D. Kadia 10 Twirl 11 I Want You (metrolude) 12 I Know U Hatin feat. Se7en, Da Prez, Black B., and DKJ 13 You Will Get F*cked Up feat. BattleChild 14 Eat My Ass (reinditioned) 15 The World feat. Black B. and BattleChild 16 Try Me 16 Freespot 2 feat. Lo-Kee, Squirell, and DJ XL Suck A, Eat A Put Ya Hands Up With Me feat. Trump Tight Ult. Remix (Chopped n screwed) feat. DKJ, Lady L, Ky N Kodi, Lo-Kee, Squirell, Version, D. Kadia, Shelena C., Black B., and, Da Prez The Key Of Zen (Jun 2004) Track song 1 Intro (world in panic) 2 Shut Up feat. Squirell 3 The Key Of Zen 4 This Acoustic 5 Come Here 6 Triple Threat Your Kind 7 Panda Ass Skit (stank prank) 8 Eat My Ass (calm reindition) 9 Ain't Gon Change 10 Blazin 102.7 Moment Of Silence (interlude) 11 Trump Tight feat. Trump Tight 12 Twang feat. Hollywood J. 13 What U Talkin Bout feat. Kane 14 I Say Haytah! feat. Da Prez, Black B., and DKJ 15 What u Watchin with Shelena C. (stank prank) 16 Tossin it Up feat. Shelena C. and Black B. 17 What Is EVG 18 Look Inside Yourself feat. Version 19 Dexter and Ms. Pop (stank prank) 20 Check My Messages (DKJ, Kane, Matt, and Lady L., DJ XL, and Black B.) 21 Final Stage feat. DJ XL 22 Plug for Version Pussy Punch (Dec 2004) Track song 1 Intro (the sounds of EVG) 2 Batman feat. DKJ 3 Chippendales 4 Shut Up feat. Squirell (re-introduced) 5 F U Lots feat. Tazneek 6 Drown Em 7 Panda Ass (re-introduced) 8 Im Cummin Fast feat. Dat Killa J. 9 My Interlude 10 Eat It Rite 11 Let It Ride 12 F*ck Me 13 I Go 14 Im A Bad Boy 15 Lites Down Low 16 Im Gold 17 Meloncoly Man 18 Kick 2 Da Beat Remix/Soundtrack (2000-) Track Lyrics 1 Bloody Affair 2 Clare Bitch Project Trump Tight [EVG, Dat Killa J., and Da Prez] (2004, Aug) Track song 1 Intro 2 Trump 101 3 1 Time 4 Problems 5 Im Feelin Myself 6 Will U? 7 Nasty 8 Trump Tight 9 Yo Time Is Up 10 Eat It Rite 11 Trouble In The Club 12 Represent Trump Tight 12 You Feel Us 13 Fire 14 What Makes Me Trump Tight Guest Appearance song Artist Ey Yo Dat Killa J Welcome 2.... Dat Killa J
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have a few places (School, work, etc)
Your musical influences
Lil Kim, Eminem, Missy, Jay-Z, Mystikal
What equipment do you use?
mic, pen, and computer
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