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9-volt haunted house
9-volt haunted house
4 Tracks
organic experimental electronics
9-volt haunted house. experimental organic rust-belt electronics from cleveland, ohio.
Band/artist history
the electronic wing of the davenport records collective of bands (http://www.davenportrecords.com), 9-volt haunted house formed shortly after the turn of the century to make loud noises and keep its members from getting bored. the sound has since streamlined into a more organic, beat-happy experience, yet continues to scrape and fumble at the edges of conventional musical territory. band members include craig chojnicki (former evil mastermind of kent, ohio's sonic pillagers, throne of the seated three), matt cassidy (who also fronts his own killer psych-rock band, new planet trampoline, as well as playing guitar with the volta sound (formerly) and (now & as always) the it-men), and jack smiley (formerly of electronic pioneers manvs.man, snopants, & various solo & collaborative efforts you've probably never heard of)...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes we do, fairly often. all improvised, no sequencers. if yr interested in booking us, please get in touch through www.9vhh.com.
Your musical influences
aphex twin, coil, boards of canada, throbbing gristle, dub reggae, autechre, killing joke, gong, einstuerzende neubauten, the cure, e.a.r., whitehouse, boyd rice, raymond scott, etc. etc... we're all unabashed music nerds.
What equipment do you use?
we use a ghetto-rigged motley collection of gear, including but not limited to: cheap 80's casios, boss sp-202 & sp-303 samplers, xoom sampler, korg micro-preset, moog opus-3, gliss guitar, wurlitzer, shortwave radio, electronic kiddie toys, various effects, scrap metal... anything we can get to make an interesting noise.
Anything else?
we have 2 records, the most recent being "second appropriation", available for purchase (for a whopping $5) through our website at http://www.9vhh.com .
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