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Muddle is Alabama's premiere hardcore metal band.Based in Decatur.
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Hate Face
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Muddle is Alabama's premiere hardcore metal band.Based in Decatur,these guys are quickly gaining much attention and turning many heads.With pulsating fast-paced beats,heavy low crunching riffs,funky bass lines,and nightmarish lyrics,one stop in these guys shows will leave you just that-"Muddled". Muddle was formed in early 2001 and quickly began writing material.With each member bringing different styles and influences to the band,a mix of musical interests were implemented in the written music,thus giving Muddle a sound of their own.Influences ranging from Mudvayne to Parliament can be heard in their music. Muddle is comprised of our newest addition "Chris Lee", who resides in Huntsville,AL. "Brian Stadden" on guitar,living in Decatur AL. On Bass is "David Pointer",husband and father of 2 in Decatur also. "James Parker" completes Muddle on drums.James also lives in Decatur. And last but not least "Chris Kemp"(C.K.Simon) on turn tables/keys/and samples, who resides in Huntsville Al.
Band/artist history
"CHRIS LEE"- Vocals With his nightmarish screams and deepend lyrics,Lee,made Muddle complete when he joined in early March 2004.Overcoming adversity that plagued his early years,Lee channeled thoughts and feelings into lyrics that run deep into the soul and express the parts of life that sometimes prove vital in the becoming of who you are. "BRIAN STADDEN" - Guitar Extremely talented,with an ear for the music.Just a few of the phrases that havecome to be used in describing this guitarist extraodinaire.Learning to play at an early age,Shady has gained much attention for his heavy,low crunching riffs,thus creating the unique sound that Muddle has come to be known by. "DAVID POINTER" - Bass Not enough can be said about Dae-Dae.Bringing his bass-slapping,string-popping style of play to the band,David can get down with the best of them.Another young learner,he posesses an undeniable gift when it comes to the art of playing the bass.If bass playing can in fact be considered an art,David has come to be a masterpiece in hand. "JAMES PARKER" - Drums Rounding out the band,and definitely making his presence known would be the fast paced,hard hitting beats by Parker.Having the capability of uping and slowing the tempo of the music,Peezee has garnered praise in his style of play.A former guitar player,Parker picked up the sticks and hasn't looked back since-a decision that wouldn't prove ill. "Chris Kemp"(C.K.Simon)-turn tables/keys/and samples, Kemp bring his crazy jungle dj'ing style and his bluesy key playing and mixes it all up and manages to find a spot in the music to put it which gives muddle's music it's own unique sound.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we are currently booking shows across Southeast US. We have played from Kentucky to florida, and mississippi to georgia. with many special moments.
Your musical influences
lamb of god, chimira, otep, 40 below summer, parliment, primus, mudvayne...to name a few
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