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Thematic Electronic Soundscapes
Lunch At The Salton Sea (vocal mix)
Peak in sub-genre #31
The Moon Behind The Clouds
Peak in sub-genre #42
Were You The One
Peak in sub-genre #34
The Piece With My Name On It
Peak in sub-genre #34
The Ocean Below
"EditEd4TV's Reasonable Help" is a collection of Propellerheads Reason files made over the past 2 years, covering various topics such as simulated vinyl scratching, ducking, multiple NN-XT outs, electric guitar solo simulation, and much more. Read more and/or purchase "EditEd4TV's Reasonable Help" by clicking on the "store" button to the right---- Also in the store, "The Power Is Out" contains remastered versions (much higher quality) of some of the softer songs currently available here on my SoundClick music page, as well as some unreleased versions of my take on a few of my favorite Christmas songs. A few MP3 samples are on this website: look to the right and click on the "music" link. And now, back to the norm... Welcome to my SoundClick page where you can hear the latest music compositions I've created. PLEASE... after you've listened to some tunes be SURE to leave me some feedback on the message board, I'd love to hear what you think. Also be sure to visit my website where you can find other work including video's I've produced: http://www.baumanproductions.com Please keep in mind that most of the songs found here are works in progress that will be completed by sometime in 2006, at which time my next CD "The Paragon Charade" will be released.
Band/artist history
I was born and raised in Redwood City, California, about 25 miles south of San Francisco. At the age of 6 my aunt taught me organ/piano lessons for approximately 8 months, after which I began to play by ear and practice, practice, practice. I've been in and out of numerous bands through high school and college, moving through basic rock-n-roll blues bands up to progressive rock / jazz / blues groups, etc... Personal studies include jazz, classical, electronica, film scores, world, etc... just about everything, though I find my personal favorite is thematic progressive rock with creative orchestrations and interesting lyrics. Over the past 10 years I've focused on instrumental music for film and television.
Your musical influences
In alphabetical order... The Art Of Noise, The Beatles, Aaron Copland, Kevin Gilbert, Happy The Man, Jellyfish, King's X, Missing Persons, The Moog Cookbook, The Police, Rush, Saga, Alan Silvestri, TransAtlantic, UK / Eddie Jobson / Zinc
Anything else?
For more information, send me an email: EditEd4TV@Yahoo.com or EdBauman@BaumanProductions.com Stop by my other website: http://www.BaumanProductions.com Join my yahoo group: http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/EditEd4TV
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