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Crack korner beat dealaz, starting from the corner of main and hastings in vancouver to the brim of stardom, watch out in 2004 for major moves.
the praries feat DJ tha cheese
Peak in sub-genre #23
beautiful feat ESP and big dro
Peak in sub-genre #21
Weed Song feat Dro and Mr.Midi
she dont understand feat Fair one and Infored
Peak in sub-genre #20
My name is no bs allowed, very self explanatory, one of the 12 members of the central canada crew of true hip hop heads called THC (true heads crew)
Band/artist history
NoBSallowed aka Chris Healy has been involved in hip hop since the mid 80s. Born and raised in saskatchewan got his first influences in hip hop by his older brother Jon aka Hi5 and his friend Erin aka Epic who used to run a college radio show in the late 80s /early 90s. He moved to vancouver at age 16 cause of the stupid economy and began getting more into hip hop rapidly. He hooked up with the james morris aka Mobius tsunzu and did a track with the landmindz back in 1997, soon after that mobius started brougham camp and NoBS started to record in a professional studio environment. Around this time his brother would move back to vancouver in an abandoned bank on main street and east hastings infamously known as crack korner living in burnaby at the time he would go over to crack korner to visit his brother and record new tracks with him as well as just rap over the numerous live bands that would drop bye at random to have all night jam sessions. Mysteriously parking my in the downtown eastside seemed to be much safer then parking it in the suburbs The ground scattered with trash and sleeping heroin addicts would miraculously be perfectly cleaned every morning around 5a.m. when NoBS would go back home. At this spot is where creativity and passion and inspiration for the music really started to take form. After featuring on many tracks on the critically acclaimed cd crack korner beat dealaz volume 2, NoBS released his first full length cd NoBS "This is war" , would sell out in the first week it was released , mind you only 200 copies were made in the first batch after a few more batches all told about 2000 copies were sold mostly by selling them at concerts and on the streets and some mom and pop stores in 2002 NoBS would join with Hi5 and Fair-one to make 3 hot tracks as a group called samurai phonetics the 3 of them would do many shows and open mics together over that year in 2004 NoBS recently moved back to saskatoon , decided he is going to make some moves , and hooked up with his old partner Fair-one along with some of the best producers in canada and some of the best mcs in the prairies and has major plans for 2004 The Situation 12" featuring Chance Won and Craig Rip will be out June 25th.2004 , watch out for another NoBS single in early August and a full length cd that promises to be hotter then summer in saskatchewan in December 2004 featuring some of the best producers and emcees in canada as well as some well known american talent to be announced later shhhh Now u know , but be careful its saskatchewans best kept secret NoBS ready to rip up tracks and pile up stacks and put sask hip hop on the map peace and 1
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live everywhere i lived, right now hittin up some saskatchewan dates this summer. I luv to perform , most special moment would be my first show at emily carr college in vancouver it was off the hook.
Your musical influences
my musical influences are any lyricist i really feel. Ras kass, mos def, big l(i know hes dead but he still is the bomb from the grave) , krs-one, rakim, pharoe ,common,oc
Anything else?
check out www.thcrew.ca for news on all the 2005 releases of the crew 3 - 12" and 2 full length cds
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