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omaha, NE  USA
May 16, 2004
6,402 plays
this is revhownddogg --- known as jonny hownddogg alias wallie hownddogg -alias jonny blaze-the man with the golden hand ---he is a loner a stray dogg---- looking for the right bunch of hounds to howl and groove to the music. when dose the blues become rock and roll---i want to know---? it dosent matter bro. just go with the flow. born on a poor dirt farm. Times was tuff so me en mah kin took to digging earth worms to sustain our meager existence. then one day(in a vision)a great winged les Paul swooped down unto me.... “learn the ways of rock and roll young dog -and all will be revealed unto thee“.... so was born the force that today is Revhownddogg. .the rev stands for revolution-- as all must change and all must begin anew--to be reborn in the power of light and love.. all hail the almighty guitar -- the battle axe of our ages - its cut is deeper than bone and its wrath shall be felt forever.. let loose the doves. ..and dream. Two schools of thought.- (a) a little knowledge can go a long way. (b) a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I started to tune my classical guitar today. The readings said that the strings where within correct parameters ..but it still dose not seem right. Page (its said) would spend hours in a quiet, still room-- tuning his guitars --looking for that perfect point -that which makes it all that much sweeter . In theory this cannot be done.-its like the space between two points--there is always going to be space. You can divide it into eternity and never find the middle. Indeed there is none. But the closer you get to it-the sweeter the tune--the better the sound.-tuning goes beyond the reality of human perception. And the closer you get ,the strings begin to resonate easier with each other. Deeper richer sounding harmonies . You begin to hear the negative frequencies less-they become diminished(all though they will never completely disappear)-they have less influence. when you open your eyes--its amazing what you see.
Band/artist history
pain, loss and egos,,,,,to many puppys.- lessons learned. death. life.-- they shot my bass player in a drive by over.. nothing. - what did i learn ? i may never know.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I rock ---I roll---I play --(((((I dont bite))))))
Your musical influences
ac/dc accept albert collins alice cooper asphalt ballet bad company jimmi hendrix black country communion the black crowes black keys bob marley buck cherry buckithead buckwheat zideco butthole surfers casiopea banyan eoto cypriss hill spoop phish widespread panic the grateful dead cherrypoppin daddies chickenfoot chris daurte john crews blues-local black sabbath some punk rock muddy watters joe bonnamassa angus young eric clapton tony iommi the supersuckers judas priest blue oyster cult deep purple howlen wolf jonny winter patterson hood allmon brothers doobie brothers b t o stevie ray vahun iorn maiden john lennon skip james blues traveler ronnie james dio blue martain tribe -local funktreck-- local spongecake and the fluff ramblers - local youndermountain
What equipment do you use?
gibson fender guitars tascam--track recorder-not so much anymore marshall cabnit--randall head--fender sidekick peavy bass eq. yamaha 12 string takame classical guitar honar harps snowball mics zoom g2.1 nu pedal cakewalk
Anything else?
rev hownddogg plays guitar----forever
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