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luda miz leeto
luda miz leeto
31 Tracks
Gospel rap, rap, truth, God are the ingredients that is being used. through this music truths are exposed that we have been kept from out whole life. why? to k
waz up, this is miz, i'm a evangelistic gospel rapper bringing truth to the table for you to ponder on. i speak of things i have experienced and seen along the paths through the jungle in and out the pits of the devils play ground. i expose hidden things that are happening all around you every day you might not know of. the revolution will not be televised cause the media has locked that from your phyical eyes. you will hear a couple of voices on some of these tracks and to come. i'm almost done with the next album and i have a couple of tracks on the page that will be on there. i hope you enjoy and it edifies you, every on that been redeemed, we all werking for tha same thing. other album site: http://truthiz2btold.5u.com
Band/artist history
well see, u'll hear other voices on tracks. but really i look at it like this, this isn't my album its everyones that will accept it. i'm not in a group, and all the people you hear arn't in a group, but we all work in unity. trying to not put in lables which are barries if not used right over out head so our wings can flap. if someone has truth, and i mean truth truth, lets spread it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
if i do, its face to face, spiting, i enjoying bring truth to da youth and all ages, if you feed the seed tha truth, then the flower won't be corrupt!
Your musical influences
God, corey red and precise, petidee, g.r.i.t.s., flame, cross movment, c.r.o.w.s., coleon, camp quest, da' t.r.u.t.h., fiti futuristic, exodus, lojique, mad prohets, mr. real, nuwine, preachaholicz, redcloud, sevin, ricky b & forgivin, sup the chemist, t-bone, tunner rats, urban d, underground rise, etc...
What equipment do you use?
MAJOR software, and decent hardware to match it up, and...
Anything else?
http://truthiz2btold.5u.com lyrics to all-let-tation: tha world spinin' and wobeling copin', hoppin' like a rabbit, watch it, choping peace's from your reality with its haccet by guns, funs, but loop-uped money in mutual funds isn't tha problem these are results of a secret nation hidden since seventeen seveity six, springing forth new - world - order with a fake illumination twist (echo)secret langanges every where, check ya back pocket mind minpulated controlled cats thinking their flying rockets its getting bad each minute in society being ran by devil vessel's from, 13 families of tha illuminati, that bushy figure knows whole lottee, also check father Gods spiritual biblical propheicies we in tha last day, slavery's here, not around the way cages already being built in minds of our youth today some will ignore the truth till Jesus cracks tha sky its been written, i'm just spreading it, while ginne pigs, ask us why
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