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Cosmic Station
Cosmic Station
4 Tracks
Full on Psychedelic Trance
Chill oN Full OuT
Peak in sub-genre #45
Cosmic Station - Red Sun (full version)
Peak in sub-genre #64
Peak in sub-genre #40
Breath of Gaia
Peak in sub-genre #18
COSMIC STATION is a project created by Fingas (Pedro 21) and Lea Aka Dj Spyralactic ( Leandro 23) in 2000. Theyre from north Portugal, a country with big respect and alliance with the psychedelic trance movement across the globe. Since school times they are big friends, where they give theyre first steps in music scene, with the first garage bands with styles such as Punk and Grunge. In 99/00 they started going his first psy goa parties and they got addicted by that magic and music and all the unique vibe present in each underground psychedelic trance party. In 2000, with the Boom Fest. In Portugal they got the real proof about whats the real thing they wanted to get evolved and since then theyre lifes all about that, about big devotion to contribute with music as art for trance culture to continue develop the scene. With 16 years Fingas, and Lea 18, they formed the Cosmic Station. As they lived in a small quiet town, they had to learn by them selves and develop their style and technique. In a year they got theyre first set ready for performance and their played live debut for the biggest party in theyre town since, with almost 1500 people, and organized by Fingas and Kiko Aka Odyssey, to get people from their town in touch with the great trance movement and consciousness thats going on around the world. It was a great success and soon they started to get people attention. After that, Fingas enrolled in a electronic production course in Dance Planet with Dj Fluxo Aka Zero sequence/Quest4Goa as the Prof. were he made his first contacts and also learned the basis for their formula. Fingas at this time had already taken a Communication course and was full time dedicated to trance and chill/ambient production. There was many parties since then, with organizers such as TransPot, Back 2 Trance, Physalis, En Sof, Brain Scan, Private and Free parties, with artists like, Cosma (RIP), Psysex, Shiva Jorg ( SST ), Silicon Sound, DroidSect Aka Digital Talk, Suria, Odyssey, Boogieman, among others and Djs like Fluxo, Yakai, Kalli, Rib (RIP), Wrecked wires, among others.. Their style was becoming more mature and unique and getting a great feedback. In 2005 they thought it was time to start promote theyre music to the world and thats when they first meet Assaf, Dj Mid, and Usta crew. Since then they got 100% evolved with all the great support given. In January they realesed their first track in a sister label from USTA Records Israel, Drugless Records ( Dj Miko Aka X-Wave / ex California sunshine), in the V.A. Loud Frequency compiled by Dj Mid and had a great feedback about their track among the trance community. More releases will come soon in USTA rec. and some other labels around the world. Proudly with the respect and support given by USTA crew, specially Dj Mid, now Cosmic Station is working for their debut album in USTA Records. When its ready at his best it will be presented. Its created now, a great expectation, about these 2 young talented boys from Portugal, that promises big and good surprises among with new ideas and a fresh air to the trance scene world wide.
What equipment do you use?
They have been creating their studio with material such as: Computer: -P4 3.6, 1Gb DDR Ram, 200 Gbytes hhd -Toshiba Satellite A40 Laptop P4 3.6 512 DDR Ram 50 Gbytes hhd Sound card: -RME Multiface Near Field Monitors: -Alesis M1 Mk2 Synths: -Access Viruz A -Korg Electribe A Others: -Korg X3 Music Station -Behringer Intelligate -E magic Logic Audio 5.5 -Vsti
Anything else?
Released tracks: Cosmic Station - Ohm Vision Drugless/Usta Israel Cosmic Station - Red Sun / Chip Mag March05 - India
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