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Money Calvino
Money Calvino
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Band/artist history
Money Calvino is also earning a rep for being the cutting edge producer M. Currency. He actually started producing more out of necessity than having a deep passion for producing as he does now, but after spending a few years working with different producers the one thing he felt they always lacked was a full polished sound. So he soon purchased his first piece of production equipment and it has been ongoing every since. Money is also the CEO of a fledgling company "Union Avenue Unlimited " that specializes in marketing consultation, promotions, artist development, beat brokering and apparel design and sales, janitorial services catering, landscaping and many other ventures to come in the future. Money has admiration for a lot of people and the accomplishments they've made musically, culturally, politically, socially and in the corporate realm, but they do not define him or even influence his way of life or his decisions ... he is a true leader that marches to the beat of his own drum corps, because usually after meeting and talking to him for a while, you find you're willing to march in his army and play his tune. Calvino chooses to surround himself with skilled, positive, supportive people. The future for Money is shining bright and will include more mixtures, film scores, writings, production slots, and more of the Man with the heart of an entrepreneur, Money Calvino. If you still don't have a good idea of who Money Calvino is ... sit back, relax, pop his CD in your deck and step into the world of Calvino, a trip you won't soon forget.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes , around the midwest
Your musical influences
these are the artist that i respect what they have added to the game the list is as follows:
What equipment do you use?
full digital studio
Anything else?
I will fuck up anybody on a freestyle song or battle . i freestyle whole songs while you bitches just drop 16s .
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