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Doin Thangz
Doin Thangz
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Professor of Rap and Master of Trap & Hip Hop. Started in 1975. By 1987, N.W.A. and New Jack City. Now, it's the motion picture is called No Strings Attached.
Do U Wanna Kick It?
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Choose a Team
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Ice Cube: The New Funkadelic
By 2020, Doin Thangz was acting Street Concert Promoter for Major Recording Labels, looking at News Media attention from Channel 7 & 9 in Colorado, California, Maryland, Michigan, Illinois, Georgia and New York. It took much edgy, lyrical motivating and sometimes grueling activities. He was garnering celebrities attention from Don Cheadle, Jill Scott, GZA, Chris Brown, Warren Buffett, Peyton Manning and etc,,, But it his entertainment talents started as a young gee, in the mid 80's in the suburban ghetto of Aurora. Getting into mostly everything from craps, card games and selling weed by age 12, formerly Danny D, began unraveling his future predictions on tape. He explains to a Radio host from L.A for a prominent magazine company, "When you watch Boyz In The Hood, picture me as the fat kid named Darrin Baker that grew up to be Doughboy," Doin Thangz exclaims. An iconic film in 1991 that was released July 12th, 1991, Boyz In The Hood, covers a six year period between 1984-1990, dealing with issues like gangs, the crack epidemic and learning to cope in the urban jungle. Daniel Taylor was born in Denver in 1975, came of age with the rise of rap music in 1985. Like Darrin Baker's character in Boyz In The Hood, Daniel, was sent away for being a troubled youth and spent seven years in group homes, learning the hustle of the drug trade, gangbanging mentality, listening to rock n roll, jazz, rhythm and blues. Writing and performing his first rap song in 1986, he gained a reputation in his neighborhood for putting together street reality raps. To avoid gangbanging and run ins with police as juvenile, Doin Thangz, relocated to stay with his Godparents in a upscale neighborhood across town. His godparents had moved from New York the previous year, where he started being groomed in Jazz, Soul, Rap and Hip Hop. Performing at various clubs, house parties by 13 as Danny D, his two brothers convinced him to reinvent himself. Using his initials to create a new character, the pen name D.S. Swift stuck. Pre recordings in the studio with his god brothers, he developed an original style, from working odd jobs for a check at fifteen. In 1993, he moved back with his mother to finish high school and got caught up in hustling and go back and forth to county for fighting. "It was a shock to leave my high school, after trying to rekindle with my birth mother and finding out that she not working and her sister, my aunt was on welfare and stuck in the projects, recalls Doin Thangz. "I knew I had to start selling drugs to keep my family away from being slaved as janitors and working in the kitchen to keep a roof over their head." He honed a style from moving the quarter pieces, nightly. After leaving Denver in 1995, He began recording on the road with many youth from Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, Brooklyn, Miami, many various small towns in the US and Atlanta. After three years, with the national nickname Dee Tee, began working with major recording artists in Denver, Colorado. In 2002, he left a fruitful company working for a Time Warner subsidiary, for an entertainment deal, looking for publishing and distribution. First, Dee Tee, known nationally as Doin Thangz, started performing live and promoting CDs by releasing BlindCyde (THE UNEXPECTED) from recording studios in Denver & Aurora. Toyz 4 Noise, 12 Play Studios, CCD Studios and Frog's Studio in Arvada. "I was on the cellphone with Rappin 4 Tay, one day over a artist that I was working on apartment and he explained to me how he liked my verses, but needed to come to San Francisco and work in the recording studio for better production." After the phone call and introducing some of his Denverites to major recording artists like Tech N9ne, Doin Thangz, decides to do more promotional touring. Being requested to do shows at venues in Colorado was alright, but he wanted to motivate the masses, nationally. Doin Thangz quickly learned his Denverites weren't interested in touring the US to promote the LP. In 2005, Moving to Atlanta was really simple. Since the nineties, Doin Thangz had forged bonds with family and co-workers in Georgia. Making music was a priority. Learning to build up others, groomed for management, having a ear for hit songs, Dee Tee used his mixtapes to raise money in ATL, A pack of 100 CDs moved weekly. On a Average of $7 per mixtape, 16 songs made the buzz pop. DTP, Grand Hustle, BME, got wind fast. Jazze Pha artists, Ciara was down with the movement. The Summer of '05 was popping. Dee Tee using the CCT and Marta to network and by August of 2005, It's official. The LP was done. A new era was beginning. Back to Denver for the Snow Season Tour. Doin Thangz. Welcome 2 The West Coast in October, 26th 2019 starring, Luniz, Dogg Pound Gangstaz, DJ Quik & Hi-C, Too Short, B Legit & E-40. Denver University was down with Digital Underground. The story continues,,, Schoolboy Q started the last week in November for another Welcome The West Coast Presentation and Bone Thugz N Harmony & Snoop Dogg in December on the 14th of 2019, ends the era out legendary. Doin Thangz has been looking for strong audiences and artists to contract for the mixtape, "RUN TELL DAT," in the Mile High City before New Year's Eve. Of course, it's traffic downtown to make money, but without the corporate officers motivated to work inside on Wall Street no one will be able to purchase products from the Black Market. Running into people all over from California, Japan, India and Africa for campaigns is a daily routine. October 18th, 2020. A year later, the Ra Hor Rakhty Pandemic has caused a Corona Increase. Drinking and Smoking has elevated and it's fires burning land and houses, almost everyday. Throughout the World, they are attached to 5G. It's chilly and Doin Thangz LP soundtrack, #RunTellDat is selling. Volume 0ne is on four platforms. 500M views in one week. The launch on the 30th of September has them curious. Which family members are ballin' the hardest. Of Course, Yahshua. No dreams are close to my reality. I fantasize about waking up to $5M deposited into my Cash App account. They Love a Transaction Hustler. Your name is being watched online right now. What is you doing to keep yours updated? Mr BilsBury doesn't have to log in Twitter. He is Shadow Spirit. His Liquor opens by itself. People are possessed by his products. The Midst and Fog are his carpet. He floats back to his creator. Gathering Souls, Mr BilsBury offers them to his Doctor. It's no VooDoo brother it's no VooDoo. Jerry aka Kokane is Fonky N Stein. Hell, even Jeezy taught you about our Big Thang of Ours. CT World. Doin Thangz came from Cali & GA. He was invented by Dr. Daniel Scott Taylor.
Band/artist history
http://www.dointhangz.net http://www.myspace.com/doingthangz http://www.myspace.com/1dointhangz https://myspace.com/dointhangz2003/music/songs http://www.defjam.com https://twitter.com/dointhangz ASCAP.com https://www.facebook.com/mrbilsbury/
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Street performance is about real life. Picture a conversation you see on the street. Imagine yourself walking around seeing people that are interactive making the biggest differences. Being indoors is similar to enjoying the people outside. We use more allowances inside to feel more alive about the outside world. Yes, many moments.
Your musical influences
Godparents and Professors in School. See High School are envyous of talented athletes that parents are in poverty and addicted to rich dope dealers. My Mentors are active Military and work as Stock Brokers executed capital warfare. Also, Engineers, Producers, Chief Executives & Artists that get booked to perform. Do you want me to mention names? BETTER YOU THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE
What equipment do you use?
Tablets Motorola E. G. Z. MPC Machines E-Logic ProTools Qbase Fruity Loops Live intruments
Anything else?
Taylor Maid Group New Wax City Entertainment Corporate Thug Entertainment Taylor Gang Makaveli Era Too Sukufa Films Corporate Trap Enterprizes
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