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Anat Damon
Anat Damon
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Rated 4 Stars by ALL MUSIC GUIDE, "Falling" is the debut album of a Psychologist mixed with a rock bands' manager that turned into a mature songwriter and performer herself. With a unique style and approach to songwriting, inventive arrangements and an unusual musical production and sound, "Falling" gives the listener a blend of delight and melancholy.
Band/artist history
Having discovered the Beatles at the tender age of 4 made Anat realize that music was her first love. Composing texts out of reading books was Anats hobby as a little girl, but it didnt seem to her as such a big deal. So, while being a huge music fan in general and a Jeff Lynne admirer in particular, Anat kept inventing B-vocals for actually every song she could put her ears on. The dream was always there to make music, but Anat didnt even dare to try and make this dream come true. Time passed and Anat grew up to run her own business as a freelance research consultant after B.A. studies of Psychology and Statistics and an M.A. in Organizational Psychology. Only at the age of 29 did she start taking guitar lessons. Tunes and lyrics soon became whole songs, getting enthusiastic reactions. In 1996 Avi Belleli, leader of The Tractors Revenge got a private unplugged performance and rushed to the studio to produce demos for three of Anats songs. Later that year, in John Rollos studios in New-Jersey, demos for three more songs were recorded, with Ran-Shem Tov as the producer, during his stay with his band, Izabo, in the United States. In the meantime Anat found herself in the business side of music, initiating and managing an acoustic Mississippi-Delta Blues band, and later managing for a while the Psychedelic-Rock band Rockfour (now signed with Rainbow Quartz). And then came the first time Anat stepped out to the front of the stage. Three gigs as a support act at the Barbie Club, Tel-Aviv in 1998 (with Shiri Hadar of Izabo on keyboards) got enthusiastic reactions. This was the point when Anat made up her mind to record an album with her own material. In 2002 after a year's stay in London and having given birth to her daughter, the work on FALLING, with Ran Shem-Tov as the producer, has begun. Songs from the LP are frequently played on the most popular Israeli radio stations nationwide, sales numbers are surprising and the LP is getting excellent reviews (see excerpts below and look for the full reviews at www.anatdamon.com). These days Anat is rehearsing for the FALLING tour.
Your musical influences
Beatles Jeff Lynne and early ELO Pixies
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