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J MaSta C
J MaSta C
75 Tracks
From Melbourne www.myspace.com/jmastac
1. Remarkable
Peak in sub-genre #93
2. A Message To Hip Hop
Peak in sub-genre #9
3. Cross The Street
4. Selfless
Peak in sub-genre #8
5. Know What I'm Talkin' About feat. Alko
J Ma$ta C (R.I.P Will Avalos aka Mr Stalin & DJ Bribe) "I would like to thank soundclick.com for making it possible for people to hear my music." J Ma$ta C has been rapping for years. He has worked with many groups & artists from country's all around the world, including America, England, New Zealand and more. JMC's dream is to make it. He doesnt care whether he becomes a massive success. His dream is to just be able to walk into a store and see his CD on a shelf. He has the skill/knowledge and determination needed to work in this business/industry. He also has alot of skill is editing & mixing songs. Being an artist himself and having equipment set up at his house, he also records a lot of other artists, whether they are singers, rappers, or whoever. He would love to work with a record company not just as an artist but as a recorder and editor. He also writes a lot of songs for other people. JMC has written songs for singers & rappers, and has even written a fair share of poem's, stories, and even scripts. JMC is 22years old, and has already got 18 CDs under his belt. He has dedicated his life to music. He has also made a handful of beats over the years, and believes if he had the right equipment and programs that he could make a lot more. He believes he could be a strong part of a company, and if he doesnt know how to do something he is always more then eager to learn. ____________________________ Discography: 2003: BULLETPROOF 2003: The $ 2003: One Wish 2003: Street Hopiness 2004: Mixtape 2004 2005: The Philosopher 2005: The General 2005: 2 Kingz (J Ma$ta C & DaBoi) 2005: KoCAine 2006: Reached City Limits EP 2006: KoCAine pt. 2 2006: STAL N JMC (Mr Stalin & J Ma$ta C) 2006: History In The Making 2007: What Comes Next 2007: Lost & Found Vol. 1 2008: Tha Disciples (J Ma$ta C & Kayex) 2009: Success 2010: A Message To Hip Hop Action Pack'd Entertainment: J Ma$ta C Young P Dzasta Alko Kayex Anonymous DBG Chagwa www.myspace.com/jmastac
Band/artist history
DFE 2 Kingz Tha Disciples
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Around Melbourne
Your musical influences
Everyone who has ever written anything.
Anything else?
If you want to use any of my songs on Mixtapes, please e-mail me. And Im always up for collaborations as well. If you want to collaborate on a track, e-mail me. j_masta_c_24@hotmail.com Peace -JMC
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