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nevamind the damage dun
nevamind the damage dun
44 Tracks
listen to Nevamind the damage dun as he hates you and yours
Nevamind the Damage Dun is an porn star/emcee/producer/ as well as many others things , but we'll not mention them for various reasons,.....all beats on this page we're created and constructed by Nevamind the Damage Dun ..all songs recorded at neva's residense......."except the live show recordings.....just in case your that stoopid............................................. if your looking for production/possible collabos/or a ride on my dick contact me.....im that nice' peep www.myspace.com/nevamind
Band/artist history
Nevamind has HAD many alias's (milestone,dr. mindbenda and spitten imagry of annonymous)and since 2001 Nev has produced for such artists as Royal-t , Maddpsyense , C M Dyslexic , Dj Dystrakted , Intelev , J. Suave , dj Dystrakted , L-viscious , Emcee Destroya , Genova 7 , Jax of all Trades , Muthatrukaz , R-cane Anchorwrite and Himself(Nev) in the process Nev just dropped the Yesmen with Royal-t @ www.soundclick.com/yes_men and has various projects in motion with other artists as well ----in the meantime Nev currently resides on earth, dropping productions and pages and pages of unsimilar interest hip hop groups are: NevLev - nev and lev The Yesmen - nev and T Roamin Pheadrus - nev and R-cane Tomuck and Futch - nev and genova 7 Abonible snowmen - nev,arc,and lev Reaching Enemies - nev and maddpsy Jax of all trades - nev,arc,T, and lev Domatron Bros. (Headshrinkaz) - nev and ghost Muthatrukaz - everyone in muthatruks 807 Anonymous - nev and 807 and for reasons unknown: Fire in my Freezer -? Kareoke sharks -? Hotmales.calm -? Willnotz - willnotz Ice in my oven -? Seniors Discount -? Jay Owen the Jay Owen band - jay and the band Air Biscuit - aroma 1 and big whiff Chosen Few - whoever Word Faquors - dodge,nev,xer' you can peep some friends of mine at: www.soundclick.com/lev www.soundclick.com/arctic www.soundclick.com/djdystrakted www.soundclick.com/maddpsyense www.soundclick.com/thunderbay
Have you performed in front of an audience?
a nevamind proformance is a very special thing
Your musical influences
back in the day i was feeling kool g rap ,ultramag , organized konfusion the stress album was magnificent ,big l ,souls of mischief casual del etc...,kmd ,slick rick ,fat boys ,black sheep, epmd ,and everything else,,,,,,,,,,, i yes all and sound like none - but im feeling theese days - mf doom , oldominion ,sankofa, typical cats , vissionaries , anti-pop consortium a.k.a. the isolationist , greenhouse effect , deepspace5 , and everything else i prolly forgot ............. i am also influenced by alchohol.........
What equipment do you use?
everything is manipulated by a triangle,a pair of scissors,two straws,and a flower pot...
Anything else?
my goal aswell as anyones is to have godzilla in a yellow miniskirt beatbox for my band,while rocking away on a purple rocking chair made out of kangaroo bones and spitting moldy apple seeds at a group of nude unshaven feminists who all look like whoopi goldberg chanting while crossing barefoot over hot coals at my shows..............wich you probablly allready of guessed i was going to say,,,
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