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[ EDISE ORCHESTRA ]is a beautiful, independent band from Scandinavia. Thsi is the underground sound of the North.
[ this is the underground sound from Scandinavia ] This beautiful, independent band from Scandinavia is not in it for the bright lights of glamour, money or fashion, but for the beautiful and simple things in life. They capture beauty and mysticism through gentle guitar playing that weaves amongst soft female and male vocals. Their words express the dark struggles of the soul in the modern world, illuminated only by their faith. Like the sound of a breeze in the trees captured on a track from their album, "Burning To See You", their music is a fresh wind blowing away the clouds of a tired, weary soul....
Band/artist history
... once upon a time, somewhere in the northern forests of Finlandia & Livlandia lived a small troll family. nobody took notice of them, until they left their lovely coast & went up to the rough & wild Saksonia. the troll kids enjoyed a good quality education from barberians and discovered the wide wide world... if they suffered heartaches they would whistle old hymns. if they were in the high spirit, they would sing "swedish songs of joy". these troll kids loved to sing at barberian wedding days & to lovely dutch cheesemakers . they enjoyed making people smile or cry with joy. these two small troll kids are amongst us. they look the same as you & me, but they haven?t lost the nosy goblin nature ... how come? they still enjoy singing & writing songs. how could they ever stop? life is a song. join them in their fairy world ...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, we do. we think this is the most beautiful part. we love talk to the people face to face. We prefer to have small sessions with lots of candle lights .... we also would love to play in different countries...
Your musical influences
silence, sauna, poetry, nature, bible, meditation, novels, music of Arvo P?rt(EST) & Jukka Leppilampi (FIN),friends, This Beautiful Mess, At The Close Of Every Day, Brown Feather Sparrow, Thomas Dybdahl, Coldplay, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Mum, Stafraenn Hakon, Dylan, Mitchell, Cohen, Norma Jean, Extol, Selfmindead, Silence The Foe, Lampshade [dk], S?rl?, Ariell Kill Him ...
What equipment do you use?
... unplugged... :D
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