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Pecker and the Pilot
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A Place to land
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Whats The Rush
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King of the Baying Crowd
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SCUD are an edgy up to the minute computer based rock coffin, spluttering they're way through amblagenous water that is the soul. Reafing multitudes of guitar dempsons and fawney hackets, they complicize the transient between cumber and que. A main stay of fortitude encapsulates this trident energlactic and shiphopple affair. Leaving the masses drunk on they're own denequine. Lead Vocals - Johnny Mack Lead Guitar - Matt "The Airman" Fairman Rhythm Guitar and Keyboard - Ray Mcbunken Bass Guitar - Alan "Tone" Spoone Drums - Derek O'Donnell Percussion - Mickey Chips
Band/artist history
The Airman and I grew up together as we are step cousins. We've played together in one form or another since I can remember. We both met Ray back in 1989 whilst playing in a Pub in London. Ray was playing keyboards in Jazz Fusion outfit "Carmel's Cigar" at the time and had come along to the gig thinking we were a Jazz band; this was due to our name at the time being "Funky Smell". Anyway we bumped into him at the bar and got along famously and decided to form a band. Mickey and Alan were old mates from school and when they heard we were puttering a band together they said theyd be interested and so we became Swollen Toe then the The Bastard Boys and finally SCUD. Mickey was our original drummer and played on the first three albums but sadly a massive heroin addiction left Mickey unable to hold drum sticks. So we brought in Derek who was in The Grip of Satan at the time and Mickey moved on to Bongos.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've toured all over the world and we love it. Of course life on the road is not as glamorous as people think but we wouldn't swap it. Special moments hmmm...well we always have whale of a time at Glastonbury and of course the American public have treated us exceptionally well, But Id have to say it's the "Pee-Fi Jung" Festival in Japan (summer 2003) that sticks in my mind. We were mid-way through the set and things were rocking. But events took a shady turn as we swung into the chorus of "Just Don't". It turns out the line "if I fall Ill fall on you" when sung, sounds almost identical to the Japanese phrase "Ee i fo i fo o eou" which translates in English to "your country stinks like hazelnuts". As you can imagine the crowd went mental, the stage was rushed, heavy projectiles were thrown. In the end we had to get an interpreter on stage to explain. After everyone had calmed down we carried on through the rest of the set, and even ended up getting cheered back on for an encore. We couldn't resist a reprise of "Just Don't". After the first chorus we literally fled leaving all our kit behind. I never forget that day and if anyone anywhere knows the whereabouts of a 1958 Les Paul Standard in tobacco sunburst with scratch plate missing and the word DUG carved into the neck, Im willing to pay whatever it takes to get her back.
Your musical influences
In no particualr The Beatles, The Stones, Dylan, Ryan Adams, the Darkness, Jack Johnson, Stellastarr, Roxette, ACDC, The Small Faces, Queen, Suede, Falco, Radiohead, Supergrass, Gomez, Somnium, Tiffany, Bucks Fizz, Denis Waterman, John Barry, Neil Young, Van Morrison, The Doors, Nirvana, Guns n Roses, The Streets, Manu Chao, Chakka Demus and Pliers, The Jam, The Smiths, The Pogues, Donovan, The Kings Of Leon, The Libertines, Turin Brakes, Spacehog, Bowie, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Jim Diamond, Bach and The Chuckle brothers. Sorry if i missed anyone.
What equipment do you use?
eh, musical intruments mainly. Although there was this time when the Airman brought two dozen hard boiled eggs into the studio. We smashed them up with hammers and our producer added some studio trickery. We ended up with this amazing exploding sound that we used at the end of "Faster and Better"
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