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Com.passion produces melodic new age pop with an electronic edge and whimsical instrumentals with edgy undercurrents.
Memories of Sarajevo
NEWSFLASH! com.passion is number one in the MP3.com.au Power Pop charts all April!!! Com.passion is the name of the studio of Karena Wynn-Moylan , songwriter, producer, arranger. Karena's musical styles range from folk/pop to ambient electronica and she uses a mixture of live recordings of instruments she plays (guitar, keyboards, woodwinds) and loops and samples she creates in the studio together with other musicians and guest vocalists.
Band/artist history
Karena's work can be found all over the net in various sites - since 2001 she has worked with internet band 'Red Candle' ( since renamed 'Dream Out Loud') writing all the arrangements and production to Wisconsin-based Mike Mosculewski's songs, with post production added by Bristol producer Stephen Russell. Their first album 'Life in the Barrens' is now available from their website - www.dreamoutloud.dmusic.com/ She has been recognised for her instrumental compositions and songwriting in various competitions and through the New York agency Pump Audio her work appears on MTV . HBO,Discovery Channel,Animal Planet and even Oprah. She has won several local music industry awards for Instrumental, Song and Spoken Word categories. The song 'Espressohead' was selected to be featured in the Australian National Sound Archives contemporary song collection. Karena has recorded her work with various vocalists over the last few years but these current tracks have been sung by Colleen de Winton.She is currently working on a new album with Mike Moszculewski to be entitled 'Fray'. NEWSFLASH: Download an original Karena ringtone for your cell phone at : www.ringtonesociety.com.au
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Every now and then - when she can tear herself away from the studio. Karena performs alone and with friends in various line-ups depending on the occasion. " Working alone in the studio I experience my most creative moments, but taking that creation to an audience is a special scarey high,and every now and then I force myself to face it for the sake of the music."
Your musical influences
Bjork, Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson, Afro Celt Soundsystem, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois (as producer).
What equipment do you use?
Acid Pro 4.0, Rebirth,Fruity Loops, Zoom RhythmTrak 123, Soundforge6.0, CD Architect, Cubase.
Anything else?
Karena has an original Washburn Bantam electric headless guitar and an acoustic guitar built for her called a 'Brauchli' after it's creator ace violinist Danny Brauchli. She loves her Boss multi effects unit ME30 and her Pentium 4 with augmented hardrive space (plenty of room!) Karena is also a professional artist and has sold hundreds of her paintings and books and prints. For nearly eight years she has hosted a 3 hour radio show called "Arts Canvass" on local community radio BAY FM every Thursday -www.bayfm.org -which is famed for it's great music and entertaining news and interviews on the North Coast Cultural scene.
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