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Mushroom Fantastica
Mushroom Fantastica
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A world of all original music, wrapped in mystical lyric's and tunneled through hardrock....Keeping those classic bass,drum blitzes & stellar guitar solo's.
Thanks for dropping by our page here at Soundclick.com. On this site you will find at least 13 of our songs encoded at 128. We encourage you to take the time to listen to the music, after all its the tunes that are all important here. This band consists of three rockers from a small town called Wingham, Ontario. We are independent & self-motivated. We write our own material and record our own music as often as we can. Our song clips our posted on the net so the powers that be can find us.
Band/artist history
Mushroom Fantastica has set itself apart from most of todays bands, not only in the Huron County area, but also on a internet level. Straying from trends, while still maintaining a modern sound, Mushroom Fantastica has created one of the most original and marketable sounds in the past decade. Melodic classic hooks in their music' have become their trademark and has developed over the the past years. Their various backgrounds, ranging from The Beatles and Black Sabbath to Blue's and Rock n Roll, merge to build a sound that is reminiscent of early Queen or The Who. This well-developed sound begins with brisk and sometimes intriguing vocals, backed by blistering riff-based guitar, harmonious bass runs, and drives it forward into ear shot with dynamic drumming. Enriched with a stunning almost over your head performance, sometimes featuring full intro's, drum solos, and stage jam's. Mushroom Fantastica's live presence and powerful sound remains in the minds of their fans including mine. Mushroom Fantastica began in 2004 by co-founders Squeak Stainton (guitar),Steve Templeman (Drums & Vocals) & Dennis Hamm (Bass & Vocals) while attempting to resolve issues in the previous group,s line up.. They went from a four man unit to a power trio and began building a fan base of their fellow friends & internet radio since their first show in 2005. Many months had passed after the break-up when Mushroom Fantastica came together and felt that it was time to retool the band. After practicing the winter of 2004 and recording a rough demo in Denny's jam room,they have to return to work until the summer of self-self motivated bar runs begins. They ditched all but a handfull of classic covers and some of their old songs and wrote some new material for Indie 2.0. They then will release it to the internet radio's on or around Feb 1st -2005, We are hopeing to see the "Entire Album" be produced by and marketed via "Statuerecords" but time will tell that story. Most people in the area have come to know the name Mushroom Fantastica, and many know their reputation. Through hard work and dedication, Mushroom Fantastica will continue to strive for success on a national level. HIGHLIGHTS... ? Select Indie 2.0 Tracks have begun rotation on PitRadio, Rocket Radio, Evolution Radio, SoundClick and many more..... ?Reviewed by The Len Amsterdam Show -( A musical rollercoaster ride from start to finish. Worthy of multiple spins. One of the best indie bands we have heard in a while.) Engaging... ?Reviewed by G.P.L.K, A&R - (Quote I am part of the A&R Team for GPLK INC. "My job is to find unsigned artists who have what it takes to be placed on a GPLK INC Compilation Album. I have just listened to your Music and I am Really Liking what I hear". ?Offered an independent record deaL. Talks are still in progress and look good. ?Featured artist on Radio Wazee with a live redition of 17 Outside Blues (Original) ?Indie 2.0 is in regular rotation featuring just a few singles (Blues Train, I Love My Car, and 17 Outside Blues (live).) ?Featured Canadian group in a music show on L.A.R Public Access show Radio. ?Mushroom Fantasticas's website averages 1000 hits a month and growing. Featured on virtually every main mp3 website including Unsigned.com, SoundClick.com, as well as many others. ?Featured in an Indiemusic newspaper as...(the true way to experience Mushroom Fantastica is anyway ya can.) ?Invited to play the Emergenza Music Festival in Toronto by the A&R reps-2005. Dates for next year are in the works also. Thanks to "Erika". ?We plan to assault as many local scenes & festivals as we can, so please dont hesitate to listen to our mp3's.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We enjoy playing the local area every summer, but this year we will focus on sending our promo's to the A&R's and rep's to increase our exposure. We enjoy jammin the music as much as anything, but writing new songs and performing live keeps us sharp.
Your musical influences
Our music influences are deep...but bands like The Doors, Hendrix, Queen & Deep Purple come to mind. Our songs are short and long, also we tend to get psychedelic now and again but the key for us is in the power trio format.(bass,guitar,drums)