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Raul Gonzalo
Raul Gonzalo
Palencia, Spain
April 26, 2004
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BIOGRAPHY: Born in Palencia, Spain, in 1974, Raúl Gonzalo Prieto demonstrated an interest for music since childhood. In spite of this, years later, he gave up the opportunity to attend a musical conservatory. As a result of this decision, we could consider him a self taught musician without a formal background. His initiation as a composer took place at age 14, with the outline of Eternidad (Eternity). After many modest forms of employment and scant economical means, he iniciated a new phase in his life in a different city upon commencing collegiate studies as a Physical Education Teacher at INEF in León, Spain, where he remained until 1999 which is the year in which he completed his Doctorate. During this period, he composed soundtracks for several theatre productions, an animated film short , and a video game, while simultaneously working on and developing new musical projects. In 2003, one of his compositions, titled Secuencias (Secuences) was selected as a winner of a contest sponsored by Lighnet Music, and was published int the electronic music compilation known as Exonique. Throughout the years, he has striven to combine his musical interests with his profession as a high school physical education teacher, and with a series of other activities such as physical trainer for the more important soccer and basketball teams at Palencia, Spain, and writer of articles for specialty magazines within the field physical training. Having recently completely renovated his studio equipment, he is currently concentrated on soundtracks of several audiovisual project (cinema, television documentaries, videogames, web design, theater, jingles, etc.). DISCOGRAPHY: -Todas Son Iguales (2007) (Short film soundtrack) -Ayer y Hoy de una Villa Milenaria (2006) (Documentary soundtrack) -Secuencias (2005) -Abriendo Cauces, Tendiendo Puentes (2004) -1996-2001 (2001) (Compilation) -Opus I (2000) -Oscura Fe (2000) -Hacia lo Desconocido (2000) -Vinland (1999) (Documentary soundtrack) -Sueños (1999) -Exposición Caja España (1999) (Documentary soundtrack) -Los Ochenta son Nuestros (1999) (Theatre soundtrack) -Los Ladrones Somos Gente Honrada (1998) (Theatre soundtrack) -La Sirena Varada (1998) (Theatre soundtrack) -Que Viene mi Marido (1997) (Theatre soundtrack) -Usted Tiene Ojos de Mujer Fatal (1996) (Theatre soundtrack) -Maribel y la Extraña Familia (1995) (Theatre soundtrack) -Naturaleza Electrónica (1995) -Planeta Tierra (1995) -Ende (1993) -Exodus (1991) -Eternidad (1990)
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