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Amanda Easton
Amanda Easton
2 Tracks
Theatrical electronic pop - old fashioned melodies with post modern beats.
Dance to the Music in My Head
Peak in sub-genre #58
New Bohemians (Master 2)
Peak in sub-genre #69
Is it Nicole Kidman? Jessica Rabbit? That chick from the Spiderman Movie? Flame-haired Australian Amanda Easton is a powerful live performer and her music is described as the love child of Natalie Imbruglia and Shirley Manson. It's music produced with an indie passion but it's fiercely commercial. She performed with top Aussie band Powderfinger at the 1999 ARIA AWARDS and is currently touring with multi-platinum artist Wendy Matthews. She also recently performed with Top 10 Aussie artists Vanessa Amarosi, Marcia Hines, Shakaya and the UK's Gareth Gates.
Band/artist history
Amanda lives and breathes her music and walked away from a highly paid jet-setting corporate marketing job at one of the world's biggest companies - Microsoft - to follow her passion. But definitely no regrets! Now she's well-known as one of the hardest working independent artists in Sydney. Amanda has released two of her self-penned singles that have both charted in the top ten of the Australian independent (AIR) charts. Her singles have received airplay on major commercial radio and TV including NOVA 96.9, 2Day fm, Rove TV show, the Today Show, Channel V, MTV and regional radio stations Australia-wide. Amanda is also a dedicated live music promoter, her latest effort being the hugely successful PopTarts showcasing up and coming female pop talent. Amanda has played major venues all over Australia including Fox Studios City Live as well as The Metro in Sydney and Jupiter Casinos Mercury Lounge in Melbourne and performs regularly with her original live band. Her vocals have also featured on other peoples recordings, in areas as varied as ABC Radio National and Bardots (PopStars) Poison guide track. Amanda spent 16 months singing and songwriting in Japan. She also has two of her self-penned songs on the soundtrack of Australian rock-n-roll road movie Second Best bed planned for production later this year. Amanda is slated to play the lead role. She has just released her debut album.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live performance is everwhere. Amanda and band play regularly at PopTarts - a showcase at The Empire Hotel, Annandale, Sydney. They recently toured Malaysia which was a very special moment!
Your musical influences
Abba...Madonna, Garbage, 70s disco, No Doubt, Goldfrapp
What equipment do you use?
nah not going there
Anything else?
.a dynamic slice of guitar driven pop. The power of this track lies with Amanda's impressive vocals which are backed up with a catchy as hell beat and an instantly remembered chorus..pop with substance...offers an edge to anyone fed up with manufactured pop. MUSIC NETWORK MAGAZINE, reviewing Amandas single Celebrity A star-filled night... add the very talented Amanda Easton and you would believe that one of those stars had fallen right on the deck a cross between Natalie Imbruglia and Suze de Marchi.Mary Jo, Wentworth Courier. Amanda wraps her rich tones around a songthat slinks in the room, and rubs itself up against your leg in a delightfully shiver inducing manner a Pat Benatar of our very own, Ross Clelland, Drum Media.