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Lord Gorcrow
April 19, 2004
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A one-man group, Lord Gorcrow plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and does vocals. He relies on a drum machine or a guest drummer. He makes music for himself, if it pleases someone else then all the better.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Haven't played live yet, nor do I intend to. If the occasion arises, I'll need extra musicians.
Your musical influences
I've got a wide variety of influences. Anything from local folk music and mellow rock to the most extreme brutal noise group.
What equipment do you use?
For my drums, I just use Fruity Loops with PC Drummer Pro samples. It's a bit difficult to work with in my case, but I get stuff done. I play through a Marshall amp with a Crate head and a Richman 7-string. I tune normally. I do all the vocals, both low and high. My high vocals need some working on I guess, but I think I've got my lows down. Maybe some day I will actually sing... I suck at the keyboard, but one day I will get good enough to play something somewhat inspiring. I haven't recorded with a bass yet because I find the process to be too tedious, seeing as I have to move my amps all over the place. One of these days, though... Pretty soon I'm going to start taking some samples. I hope to capture some nature stuff, like rain, or maybe normal people conversing, something like that. Something different that horror movie screams.
Anything else?
One of these days I'm gonna put somethign mellow out and everyone will either hate it or love it, but goddamn it it's gonna happen anyway.
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April 19, 2004
3,234 plays