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Rob Staffig
Rob Staffig
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Singer/Songwriter Rob Staffig A New Country-Rock Sound!
Drive-In Nights
Peak position #31
Eddie's Guitar
Peak in sub-genre #49
Your Love's The Place (Where I Wanna Be)
Peak in sub-genre #58
Forever Missed
Peak position #8
Break Down The Walls
You Can't Say No (To A Gift From Santa)
Band/artist history
I began my career in music over 20 years ago in the thumb area of Michigan competing in talent contests. Moved to Casper WY in 1982 where I continued to play wherever I could find a stage. Started my professional career in 1991, since then I've been performing on the average 50 or so shows a year as a single act. I'd love to get into the band scene someday, for now the single act is still working ok. In the summer of 2001 the stars must have been lined up just right as I received full backing to cut my first professional CD of my music titled "Drive-In Nights" in Denver, CO. A dream come true for this Singer/Songwriter!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I perform throughout Wyoming, South Dakota & Colorado... for private parties, festivals, receptions etc. Special Moments; My 15 minutes of fame....ok maybe 30 or so... I opened for Country Music Stars David Lee Murphy and David Ball at the Everglades Seafood Festival in Everglades City, FL in 1996 & 1997. Also... in August of 96 a pilot demo of my song "I Need A Vacation" ended up with an Honorable Mention In Country Music Row Magazine. Hey it's all a start and I'm proud of what I've been able to accompolish!
Your musical influences
Growing up in MI I was surrounded by the Country Music of the 70's... the songwriters, Mac Davis, Bobby Goldsborro, John Denver etc. The ballads that told stories. However, by my teens I began to listen more to Bob Seger, Neil Diamond, John Mellencamp & Rick Springfield, these became my music influnces and led to my songwriting having a harder edge, more of a Country-Rock feel.
What equipment do you use?
As for equipment, I use Peavey amps & speakers and my black Takamine Guitar on stage.
Anything else?
It's not necessary to understand music; it's only necessary that we enjoy it... I truly enjoy writing my songs and performing wherever I can find a stage! Most of all I Thank God for giving me the opportunity to do so. One last comment... live is one big circle & music is at the center! Ain't It Great!
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