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Michael Rice
Michael Rice
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Mike Rice is an aspiring composer from Cincinnati, Ohio. His influences range from classical to metal, and he composes a wide variety of pieces.
Band/artist history
My musical education began with playing trumpet in 5th grade, and my grandmother teaching me some basics on organ. I started composing in 1991 when I bought a synth with a built-in sequencer and a Tascam 4-track. Mt aunt had studied music in college and had given me her theory books, which I read and experimented with continuously. (My trumpet just wasn't very handy for composing.)In 1999, I finally switched to recording on computer, and it has opened a whole new world. Now, i finally feel up to speed with the software to do everything I want to do.I have about 100 recordings, made over a 15 year period, and I'm ready to share.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not at the moment. My setup isn't portable, and at this point I really spend more time working on new songs than practicing and performing old ones. I'm at my best when I'm improvising (that's pretty much how I compose.) Up until now I really haven't shared my music with very many people. Maybe sharing my work here will help me to meet potential collaborators. We'll just have to see.
Your musical influences
Rush, J.S. Bach, Joe Satriani, Metallica, Tori Amos, John Williams, Queensryche, Vivaldi, Iron Maiden, Copland, Canadian Brass, Maurice andre, Wynton Marsalis, Doc, Lizst, Beethoven, Believe in yourself and do what you love, even if no one else has a clue.
What equipment do you use?
Ensoniq SQ-1 keyboard, Roland Sound Canvas sound module, PC with a Soundblaster Live! soundcard. Cakewalk Home Studio, Getzen trumpet, Any soundfont I can find. Older songs used a TASCAM porta03 ministudio.
Anything else?
I've always liked orchestral and classical music, though to be honest I hate most new age. "Orchestral" doesn't mean "sappy." And "Piano" is short for "piano-FORTE". It can play more than the bland quiet music it tends to get. I hate electric pianos. They're just weak. And if a drum beat isn't good enough for a rock band or some other modern ensemble it probably shouldn't be used with an orchestra either.
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