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Moub Dee Pythagoras
Moub Dee Pythagoras
16 Tracks
1) This guy loves SAGA, you can hear it with every chord. However momentarily this doesn't sell! 2) Fat Drums, soft harmonic Keyboard layers, aggressive synt
Fat Drums, soft harmonic Keyboard layers, aggressive synthesizer solos, -complex guitar arrangements and contemplative lyrics, which require full attention of the listener. This is MDP! Quote: Sounds like David Bowie and Rio Reiser, touches like Bono (U2) and raises reminiscences of the ultimate reincarnation of the NDW retro sound. Critique Gunther W. : This guy loves SAGA, you can hear it with every chord. However momentarily this doesn't sell!
Band/artist history
At present the band only consists of the solo artist Moub Dee Pythagoras, being responsible for song writing, keyboards, drums and vocals. A specific foundation date of the band is not known, it is said during the attempts in 1999 to connect a keyboard with a computer in order to try out some sequencer software the first songs were composed. That material was produced on a Kurzweil PC-88 and was release under the title "Release One". During the recordings of A black shoe exhibition the sequencer drums were replaced by real drums, the sound edge became harder, however the music solely remained instrumental. This phase did not take long until the songs were completed by rap vocals. The classic tracks Bummelant (=engl. The lows one) and Skatbrüder (=engl. brothers in gaming) derive from this phase. (Release 2.0) Magerstufe (Release 3.0) marked the point when the sound was created, which still is todays brand of MDP. Fat Drums, soft harmonic keyboard layers, solo parts with synthesizer guitar arrangements and contemporary lyrics, which require full attention of the listener. Unfortunately all initial attempts to sign a record deal with one of the major label failed, however this album set a milestone of music history. The concept of release 3.0 was consequently continued in Shredderzeit (Release 4.0). The proven mixture of English- und German lyrics builds an energetic flow throughout the whole album, from the opener Moubisfuaall to trenchant single release Konfirmandenanzug (= engl. suit of the candidate for confirmation )(regrettably this was never sold in stores) to the anthem D-Mut (= engl humbleness), which evokes with appearing sacral sarcasm reference to the years of the 80ies.. The following long player Nein Danke (= engl no thanks) (Release 5.0) demonstrates once again the exuberant creativity of MDP and foils by its album title the obvious lack of interest of the record companies management regarding an non mass conform music. Critique Gunther W. expresses: This guy loves SAGA, you can hear it with every chord. However momentarily this doesn't sell. Thats how it is. The fate of the famous artist is the fate of the offspring as well. The songs Odd World, FFU, Pensionär and Procrastination permanently hint at the main mo-tive no thanks symbolizing rejection and the songs deal with this topic by using various musical styles. During the third quarter 2001 the best of album Meilensteine was produced without any external resources and published by the label Billepalast in larger pressing batch size. It contains samples of all previous studio albums and offers three songs from each period including two previously unreleased bonus tracks. The compilation is enclosed in the bands info and serves as a musical business card, that allows to make the music known to a larger audience. The MDP management strives to reach more publicity by being published by an official label code and is eager to set com-mercial milestones for MDP. After a short break the new album KAPPA (Release 6.0) was released in May 2002. It obtains out-standing critics and great acknowledgement from the art rock scene, the business expectations in terms of sales targets can not be met.. At this point of time the artist Moub Dee Pythagoas reaches maturity; a unique, alluring sound with very determined characteristics making fans wait for further material. The Songs Wurstsalat (sausage salad), Das rechte Maß (The right degree) The distance und Ana Logger do####ent this in an formidable way. Recordings for Seckbach (Release 7.0) were finished November 2003. The new album offers a more electric downside of sound and more dark mood. The changes in the sound are brought about by the new generation of virtual analog synthesizers generation, namly the Virus . The sound becomes even more dense, exceptional and remarkable to be heard in the singles Decisions and Lustlosigkeit Part I (Boredom part I) The last mentioned song also makes use the beloved vocoder effect) and rounds up the phonetic piece of art.. Beginning in early 2003 MDP started to take a break from his recording activities to inspire him-self with new elements from China. Friends and colleagues close to the artist consider this to be an analogy to Peter Gabriels efforts to build a platform for world music unifying different cultures and perspectives. In addition to collect new ideas he pursues to build up and establish a local music label with the working sãn bâ Xíâotíqín (= three violins). Recordings from the long player number eight named one seven eight, have started in early 2006 and finished in December 2006. The dense sound of the past album was refined and the sound moved into more pop oriented territory. New production methodology was used and the en-tire album was a virtual production in the computer without utilising any studio. The style of the new tracks ranges from soft pop to as expected from earlier Albums complex rock, but also offers in-strumentals or ballades, which are untypical for MDP. Since the recordings were done in quite a long timeframe the overall CD displays a potpourri of MDPs works. June 2008 saw the release of the ninths long player titled Aircon. The album features 14 tracks with a focus on modern electronic sounds and style. The series of four instrumental tracks acu-puncture part I to part IV underline the interest of the artist in this genre. The album contains acous-tic, rock and electronic songs and can be considered an natural continuation of the pervious album. A second best off CD called "classified - Volume II" to summarise the period of 2002 to 2008 was released in April 2009, the CD contains 17 tracks, including one unrelease track from the 2010 album, cover named "External Dog". External Dog has been released in April 2010 and found moderate success in the charts. Compared to previous works the album remains in the pop territory, but few tracks show quite an experimental side MDP has confirmed in an interview recently he will be releasing another album in 2011, but says he is not yet 100% committed to stick to this timeframe;. He has written a few new tracks, which are currently in a demo stage. This album will deviate for anything he has released before and will mainly focus on blues.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Due to his existence as a solo artist MDP is restricted to the limitations of every studio musician. Live performances are only feasible with appropriate guest appearances. Because auf MDPs prior musical engagements he has contacts into the music scene, which can be activated if there is a substantial demand. A tour at this moment is not planned.
Your musical influences
The most important influence is SAGA, the greatest band on earth.
What equipment do you use?
Korg, Roland, ACCESS, Kurzweil, Cubase
Anything else?
Real enlightment in 2010 comes from SAGA "Now is Now tour with heads or tales live" Check out more tunes in: http://www.track4.de/agentur/bands/6938
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