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Wasted Daze
Wasted Daze
Coventry, United Kingdom
Rock Punk
April 14, 2004
5,088 plays
We play a high octane mix of punk,hardcore and emo and are heavily influenced by U.S pop-punk bands such as Ataris,AFI,Screeching Weasel, Misfits and Grade. Wasted Daze are: Krissy - Guitar/singing/screaming Yarnall - Lays dow the beats Grimbo - 2nd guitar duties/backing vocals Hewitt - Low end/backing vocals
Band/artist history
We have played with the likes of The Foamers,Appease,Fireapple Red,Panic Gash,Mouthwash,Big D and the kids table,$up Graveltrap,Grebo,Five Knuckle,My Dad Joe,Thoria,Mouthwash, Reason 69 and Chris Murray and our first ep recieved great reveiws from Fracture fanzine and 20 deck records. Wasted Daze originally formed in October 2000 but with a slightly different lineup than there is now.Basically two of the original members started listening to Counting Crows,after a slight bust up involving a bottle of Lime-aid Sotty and Ryan left the band. It took a while to get things moving again but after a while Yarnall and Hewitt were recruited and things started to take off again In 2003 we played the annual Earlsdon festival and played many more successful shows including a couple for the Warwick uni punk society. During 2004 we have been playing many shows up and down the country and are working on new material for the next release.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I think that we are a live band more than anything else,we've played some cool shows with some great bands and it's always good to hang out and get inspriration from each other and makes us wanna better ourselves.
Your musical influences
I'd say that we fit in the niche somewhere between poppunk and Hardcore.I think the pop elements come mainly from stuff like Farside,Screeching Weasel,Digger,Ataris but the more hardcore side is stuff like Leftover Crack and Glasseater.
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