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Castle Versus Castle - alternative with an acoustic foundation...you will either love us or you'll hate us...or you'll think we are okay.
Konnichiwa. We are not a revolution. We are NOT here to sweep the world off its feet with screaming guitar solos, timeless musical greatness, or charming good looks. We are NOT here to showcase our potential to be the next Pioneers of modern rock n roll. But hey, maybe you'll like us...people either like us, or they hate us...or they think we are okay. Take a look around...visit our message board and give us some feedback... check out our tour dates as well...we will be touring this July and August 2004 with Shoreline...(oh yea, check them out too... http://www.shorelinerock.com)...we'll also be touring with some guest musicians...Ian Combs on Bass (also produced all the songs you can download here) and Phil Dedman on the Boom-Booms.
Band/artist history
Chance Buzzell, 24, recently revisited by the call of music, has decidedly forgone the track of mainstream life to create and perform for the love of voice and sound. New but vividly influenced, he has been playing guitar for 3 years, piano for one, and singing off and on since Velcro shoes were cool. Diligent in his attempts to learn and progress, he has held high hopes of finding the right project which has now become Floor. Chris Mochinski, 20 has played with various emo, hardcore, pop rock, and acoustic groups since he was 15. His instrumental background includes 3 years of Drums, 6 years of guitars, 8 years of flute, a decade of piano, and a lifetime of singing (despite the friends and relatives who told him how much he sucked at a young age). His former long-time project, Lucid Age, played shows spanning the Midwest U.S., including select dates of the 2003 Vans Warped Tour. After 3 years of making mistakes in trying to learn the ways of the music industry with the emo/screamo band, Chris removed himself from Lucid Age to pursue the style that he had always remained true to; Floor soon became the embodiment of his vision.
Your musical influences
Flickerstick, Howie Day, Maroon 5, The Goo Goo Dolls, Dave Matthews Band, Wheat, Coldplay, Finch, Tonic, and so on, and so forth...
What equipment do you use?
Takamine, Yamaha, Schecter, Gibson, and Fender guitars...Fender and Schecter basses, Roland V drums, Tama Drums, Marshall, Crate, Soldano, and Ampeg amps, etc...etc...
Anything else?
To avoid alligator attacks, do not swim in waters inhabited by large alligators.
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