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Catalyst (CT)
Catalyst (CT)
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Technical, progressive death metal
The Shattering
Peak position #89
We play crazy metal.
Band/artist history
A band is best defined not only by where it's been, but where it is progressing too. In the case of Connecticut's CATALYST progression is a state of mind wrought with angst and woven into an intricate, yet discordant pattern of sound. CATALYST is a thundering dirge, leaping forth to pillage all ennui and stagnancy from the minds of those who dare to listen. Hailing from just outside Hartford, CATALYST has a long-standing history in the Connecticut metal scene. The band formed out of the ashes of one of the regions most heavily praised cult death metal outfits, Capharnaum. Vocalist, Tony Espinoza and both guitarists, Kevin Schremmer and Ryan Adams, spent full or partial stints in the band crushing everyone in the scene with a barrage of super-technical death metal that was years ahead of it's time in New England and gave rise to many imitators. However, despite an appearance at the 1998 Milwaukee Metalfest, a review in Metal Maniacs, and opening for some of the undergrounds most influential bands, internal differences would unfortunately spell the early demise of Capharnaum in 1999 after only one self-released full-length album, released in the spring of 1997 entitled Reality Only Fantasized. In the spring of '99 however, a need for someone to fill the gap that was left in the Connecticut underground would be fulfilled. Espinoza would release the final breath from Capharnaum in the form of "The Plague of Spirits" E.P. The reaction from those who heard it inspired Espinoza to re-establish contact with both Adams, who had a brief stint in CT hardcore band Crossthread, and Schremmer, who had been in Florida writing music and sharing ideas with a host of musicians including but not limited to other former Capharnaum members. In the fall of '99 the trio begin to write music for a new band that would not only be an extension and progression from what Capharnaum was doing, but would be completely beyond the realm of typical technical-death metal. The band enlisted the help of classically trained musicians Adam Schmidt on bass and long-time drummer Steve LaMonica to form an outfit that borrowed the brutality of such bands as Cryptopsy and Sinister, combined it with the technicality of bands such as Atheist and Cynic and the spastic nature of bands such as Cephalic Carnage and John Zorn's Naked City, to form a completely original musical entity that defies any man to challenge it's authenticity as a truly extreme art form. After recording a highly-touted and extremely sought-after demo in 2001, CATALYST has since spent time honing and perfecting it's sound on the live stage opening for such acts as Shadows Fall, Exhumed, Enslaved, Macabre, Burnt By The Sun, Cephalic Carnage, Incantation, Radiation 4, Phobia, Daughters, Goatwhore, Mortician and All That Remains, as well as an appearance on a now out of print Lifeless Records compilation. CATALYST will enter the studio in the fall of 2003 to record their first full-length album with newer and more dynamic material. Afterwards, they will spend all of 2004 hitting the road as much as possible, slaughtering all who come in their path. Tony Espinoza - vocals Kevin Schremmer- guitar Ryan Adams - guitar Adam Schimdt - bass Steve LaMonica - drums
Your musical influences
Cynic, Athiest, Theory in Practice, Opeth, Gordian Knot, Martyr, Nasum, Isis, Botch, Mastodon, King Crimson, Burst, Devin Townsend, Emperor, Radiation 4, Zyklon, Tool, The Mars Volta, Cephalic Carnage, Exhumed, Dsyrhthmia, Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Dillinger Escape Plan, Nevermore... These don't all represent our sound, nor does it cover the extent of what our influences are. It's a start though.