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Angel Girl
Angel Girl
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I am an Urban Contemporay Gospel/ Christian singer, with a touch of Contemporay Jazz tone.
Your Love, Is So Amazing : Music By: dxb Record,
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My Love for You
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Make It Stronger: Stoneman, Dub One, Angel Girl
Nerja: Angel Girl ,Dubone and Terry
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DREAMSCAPES (AngelGirl & WaynePascall,Authist)
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Hi, my name is Lynn Speights,. I started singing at an early age, until one day at work I had an accident and fell down the stairs, which hindered me from singing for a while. Due to muscle spasm in my throat, when ever I sing the spasm will stop the tone from coming out correctly. Until 1999,I begin to walk by faith and The Lord touched my throat, and when ever it was time for me to sing the Lord will bless my voice. I still have this problem but it's not my problem it's God because I gave it to Him. I am bless that God called me and is using me as His vessel. He also bless me to be the director and the founder of the Ministry Of Angels, Heart to Heart: The Ministry Of Angels are called to be shepherds of God's flock that is under our care serving as overseers not because we must but because we are willing as God want us to be. (ACTS 20:28). As we come to realize this fact, our duty to visit the elderly, help the homeless, the sick, the disable and the troubled kid became a priviledge. Our responsibility to minister is transformed into desire. Jesus wants us to take care of his sheep. ( John 21:16). You can contact me at dspeights@adelphia.net
Have you performed in front of an audience?
when ever God open a door for me, my voice will be there to worship Him.....
What equipment do you use?
Pen, paper and the voice the Lord Bless me with is my equipment...
Anything else?
I like to thank The Lord Jesus Christ for being my savior, and Loving me no matter what happen..My mission is to spread the good new about Jesus Christ, and let others experience a new brith in Christ (read http://www.gospelcom.net/bible?john+3:1-8 ). I also,like to thank my Husband, Duane, and my Two beautiful kids, Duana, and Duane Jr. whom God Bless me with. They was always there by my side, when ever and where ever I had to go sing. Also Jennie who was put into our life By the Almighty.
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