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intelligent homosapien that is advancing the underground hip hop style on the monthly basis.
Goodbye Whorses
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Don't Forget your Teeth
Today #34 in Noise subgenre
Deep Blue
Peak in sub-genre #12
Doin' Me (Prod. Flo)
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Today #90 in IDM subgenre
straight out of O. (k-town)
Band/artist history
Chris Tassé aka Knoncents was born in Ottawa, Ontario in '86 and then moved to Kingston in 2005. Ever since he was kindergartener he has wanted to be a superstar like Mc hammer and other great artist. For over 10 years Knoncents has been emcee'n and freestyling with friends even before highschool he was constantly keeping his dream alive. Then he moved onto college enrolling in behavioural psychology. Within that time he released his first titled Ep called Golden Era of Cool Ages in 2004; then two years later he release Chaoitic Mindset; then on Feb 15 2011 Black Mold came out; Makes Knowcents is expected to be released on itunes and more on the 7th of October. Ever since 2004 he has been making music and working with other artists such as Lynks, Dj Able, Will Amodeo, Kid Prolific and Altz. He has a couple of songs in the works with Fatt Jack and Cory Ede of NBM plus also Dan Steele to be recorded at the South Grouse Productions studio. Knoncents has also done plenty of shows which you can find on http://www.revbernation.com/knoncents. He has opened for such artist like Dan Steele, Nbm, Phokez, One Day to Live, Corey Flo, Dirty Doc, Lil' Ex, Radio Radio, Gee Wunder, and Spesh K. Knoncents also has a great team that works for him behind the scenes. Making sure that he and his music are well represented with help from manager Steve Mcconnell who makes sure he gets great show and the best producers to work with. Also spreading the Knoncents is his promoter Hope Emigh of Blazeing_Phoenix Management and Promotion who promotes his music, updates his fan base and also keeps them posted of news songs, videos and shows. He is currently getting the artwork done by Cedez (Medamned Medusa) for his album cover.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
basement recording = underground hip hop
Your musical influences
sixtoo copywrite buck dose busdriver radioinactive def jex anticon peanuts and corn
What equipment do you use?
mic comp
Anything else?
word to big bird and all u mother lovers
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