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Garvey Switch
A four piece rock band from Tacoma, WA.
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Tidal Wave
Garvey Switch is a four piece rock n' roll band from Tacoma, WA.
Band/artist history
October 2001 marked the conception of what is now known as Garvey Switch. Two years, two guitar players and one bass player later, they've finally found a promising lineup with Tyrus K Trusky (vocals/guitar), Ryan J. Finley (lead guitar/vocals), Harlan E. Smith (bass), and Rusty K Trusky (drums). Early in their career, Garvey Switch made a name for themselves by playing at clubs and benefit shows around the Tacoma area. In 2003, Garvey Switch appeared on a compilation CD with their song "Down the Line". The profits from the CD titled "Simple Math" went to benefit a local girl diagnosed with leukemia. 2004 is looking good for the band. Having an almost entirely new set and a lineup not to be ignored, they are headed into the studio to record their first full album. It will include approximately eleven new tracks on top of the four songs from their earlier self-titled demo. With the album in the making, Garvey Switch is working hard to get their name out to the public by playing any venues that can handle them.