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Last Nerves
Last Nerves
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Indie power pop freaks from Durham, NC.
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The Second Wife
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Take It Home
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The Last Nerves are a dork rock band from Durham, NC. What is dork rock, you might wonder? Listen and find out. It's basically weird pop rock with swear words. We are all thirty-something dorks who are figuring out how to age gracefully while rocking out. Our goal is to not be making beer commercial music. We have thus far succeeded. Reese and Josh are singer-songwriter-guitarists who argue endlelssly about whose guitar is louder. Josh sings about random things and ways to fuck over the man. Reese has a sweet voice and she sings about matters of the heart and statutory rape. She (Reese) plays mean, crunchy rhythm guitar and Josh is treble-master and king of catchy hooks. Simeon and Hannah hold it together in the background in a state of co-dependence. Simeon is an over-caffeinated, minimalist ZenMaster on drums. Hannah is an insecure bass player who, like Simeon, thinks that less is more. The Last Nerves aren't about genre or acting cool. The Last Nerves are a pop band of angry old farts who will kick your ass.
Band/artist history
Josh & Reese met when they answered an ad for an indy rock "collective." The people there didn't believe in structure, especially the angry drugged out dude who, when asked what he played said "not a mother-fucking THING man..." Reese and Josh eloped from the collective and asked Josh's lawfully-wedded-wife, Hannah, to play bass. We put an ad in the local weekly paper for an aging drummer, and got this phone message from Simeon saying "I'm oooold, I'm so oooold...."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live around Durham and Chapel Hill, NC and yes we like it.
Your musical influences
Velvet Underground Modern Lovers Beatles The Who Janis Joplin/Big Brother & The Holding Company X Pixies Stones Nirvana Dead Moon Green Day
What equipment do you use?
Fender guitars, p-bass, minimialist drums, pedals.
Anything else?
p.s. In case you're wondering, in our spare time, we like to make potty jokes, complain about work, raise children, and surf the net for the perfect date.
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